HHS Secretary Admits Jabs Kill Minorities Twice the Rate of White People

Fact checked
HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admits covid vaccines are killing minorities

Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has admitted that COVID jabs are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Was this an admission of genocide or a slip of the tongue?

While vowing to ramp up medical tyranny and force more Americans to get vaccinated, U.S. Health and Human Services Director Xavier Becerra claimed the “safe and effective” mRNA shots are actually killing people with dark skin at a much higher rate than those with light skin.


The human race has been targeted for termination, and the depopulation elites are targeting certain races and ethnic groups for rapid extermination over others.


  1. Globally whites
    are the minority. So its killing the majority races at twice the rate of the minority white race That’s their logical action you see.

  2. After the clotty thier death rate went dwon to zero until the 1% stole all the money and tryed to blow us all up with WW3rd and now one tiny DMZ preplannned means we can`t afford to afford anything but dry cat&dog food.They opened season on US even after covid.KZ and the sunshine ban isn`t the real issue-the real issue is US vs the 1% who stole everything including our goverments and human rights the lit property

  3. When you see the ‘proud’ soviet-style apparatchiks like this xxx in positions of power – grab the torches and pitch forks

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