Hillary Terrorized Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims, Extraordinary Claims

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Hillary Clinton allegedly hired a private investigator to terrorise Bill Clinton's rape victims

Political strategist Roger Stone has claimed that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “terrorized women” who claimed they were raped by her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

The extraordinary claims were broadcast during an interview with Larry King, where Stone told King that “The narrative of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, that she has been an advocate for women and girls, is just bogus. She is, in fact, an abuser of women and girls.”

He went onto claim that “Bill is a sexual predator, very much like Bill Cosby. I tracked 27 women that he has either assaulted or raped.”

Video: Hillary Clinton is “An Abuser of Women & Girls”

Prison Planet.com reports:

When Larry King challenged Stone to identify the women, charging that they had “never come forward,” Stone named names.

“Many of them have…He doesn’t drug them, but he does attack them. He does assault them, and you know some of these names,” said Stone. “You know Juanita Broaddrick, you know Kathy Willey, you know Paula Corbin Jones, who he paid $850,000 in a settlement for. But you don’t know Liz Ward Gracen, Eileen Wellstone, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Dorothy Kyle Browning, Christy Zercher. This list goes on and on and on.”

Stone emphasized that he was talking about the women Clinton had sexually abused, not his one night stands or mistresses, which Stone says would fill an encyclopedia.

Stone noted Hillay’s culpability for this behavior by asserting “she’s not just an enabler….she’s the one who hires the private detectives who wage a veritable terror campaign against these women to silence them.”

“What did she call them? Bimbos, whores, sluts, bitches, they’re her words not mine, these women unlucky enough to be sexually assaulted by her husband,” said Stone.

Stone cited the example of Kathleen Willey, a White House volunteer who claimed that she was groped by Bill Clinton in 1993.

After the alleged incident, Stone said Willey had her home ransacked, her windshield smashed, her tyres slashed and her cat strangled.

“She’s out jogging, a man jogs up to her all dressed in black – Jack Palladino (a private investigator) – and he says ‘how’s your cat, did you ever replace that cat? How are your kids Johnny and Sally, you know we know where they go to school – you’re not getting it are you?’”

Stone also said that if Donald Trump fails to win the Republican nomination, Hillary is assured of becoming President.

“All these other guys are in the club,” said Stone. “Can you picture Marco Rubio sticking his finger in her face and saying, ‘Hillary, when the biggest drug dealer in Arkansas got busted and he hired you as his lawyer, and then got a pardon from Governor Clinton, do you see anything wrong with that?’… You’ve got to take her on. You’re going to have to get in her face. I can’t see anyone else who’s going to be willing to do that. The Donald is fearless.”

When Larry King suggested that Stone was biased and that he had never investigated a Republican, Stone responded by telling him he had a book coming out called Jeb and the Bush Crime Family which would document how Prescott Bush funded the Nazis and how George H.W. Bush oversaw an operation that trafficked “millions of dollars of cocaine into the United States.”

Stone also pointed out how the Bushes and the Clintons worked together to steal vast sums of money from a charity that was supposed to help Haitian earthquake victims.

“They spend $10 million in Haiti, there’s $128 million missing, they close the non-profit and they answer no questions – they’re profiteering….it’s the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate,” said Stone.

Later in the show co-host Shawn King responded to Stone’s allegations by remarking she was “scared for his life.”

Larry King, who in a previous show had interviewed Donald Trump, said that he would attempt to get Hillary on a future show to respond to the allegations.

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