Unpublished Hitler Book Titled ‘New World Order’ Unearthed

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Unpublished Hitler book discovered, entitled 'New World Order'

Internet sleuths have discovered an unpublished Hitler book, written in 1928, mysteriously entitled ‘New World Order.’

Only two copies of the 200 page manuscript were originally made, and only one of these has ever been made public.

It represents Hitler’s second book, written only a few years after Mein Kampf.

Kept strictly secret under Hitler’s orders, the document was placed in an air raid shelter in 1935, where it remained ever since until it’s discovery by an American officer in 1945.

The authenticity of the book has been verified by Josef Berg (former employee of the Nazi publishing house Eher Verlag), and Telford Taylor (former Brigadier General U.S.A.R., and Chief Counsel at the Nuremburg war-crimes trials) who, after an analysis of the manuscript, said:

If Hitler’s book of 1928 is read against the background of the intervening years , it should interest not scholars only, but the general reader.”

Full copy of the book can be read here.


    • I would love to know who translated it without any hick ups into such an effluent English, and could I have a pdf-copy of the original German version please , because seeing -and comparing the style to his other German writings- is be-leafing…

  1. One might assume that George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Obama have read it and have been trying to bring it into reality. Don’t be fooled America, these violent demonstrations are funded by NWO oligarch’s like George Soros and the mainstream media. Wake up and see the reality behind their hate and lies. These demonstrations and destruction of public and religious statues is meant to demoralize American’s, keep our borders wide open and fill our nation with people who hate and want to destroy us and our way of life. Wake up and stop believing the media lies and spinning of hatred.
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