Famous Holistic Author, Working Against Big Pharma, Found Dead

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Famous author Ann Boroch was found dead in L.A. on Thursday, as the community of holistic healers continues to be decimated.

Famous holistic author, naturopath and researcher Ann Boroch was found dead in Los Angeles on Thursday, as the community of physicians seeking to operate outside the confines of Big Pharma continues to be decimated. She was 51.

Ann Boroch, the author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure, was famous for curing herself of multiple sclerosis at the age of 24, and remaining symptom free for over two decades.

Boroch was also outspoken on many issues including the dangers of vaccination, and she was actively campaigning for people to take control of their lives and reject Big Pharma’s crippling products in favor of natural healing. She believed that education is the most important tool to heal your mind and body.

[Holistic Doctor, Working Against Big Pharma, Shot Dead By Police]

Her sudden and unexpected death has left her family and supporters in such a state of shock that her cousin Lisa had to confirm on Facebook that the news was unfortunately correct.

From her official Facebook page:

“It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Ann Boroch, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Many of you are familiar with Ann’s story…..

“Throughout her early 20’s, she battled Multiple Sclerosis. When traditional medicine provided no relief, she created her own self-help program and discovered that yeast and fungal toxins are the main culprit in autoimmune disease. By diligently maintaining a strict candida diet, Ann was able to cure herself of MS. Grateful for the healing triumph, she realized that it had become her mission to educate the public.

“Ann went back to school and became a naturopath, certified clinical hypnotherapist and certified nutritional consultant. After that, Ann opened her own practice in Los Angeles, and for almost 20 years has been the guiding light to healing for thousands of people around the world.”

[Days After Holistic Author’s Death, Her Work Is Scrubbed From Internet]

A selection of Ann Boroch’s published works.


Over 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead in the past 18 months, most of whom died in suspicious and unsolved circumstances.

Check out some of Ann Boroch’s TV appearances below. Her decades of study meant she had much wisdom to share.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Number 77 and counting…War against natural holistic healers and naturopaths that dare to speak out against the corrupted out of control medical murder incorporated pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Such a pretty lady and a good soul. May God grant us all justice against these Greedy Lying Bastards.

    • We the people are tired of innocent people getting killed by corrupt government officials..What will it take before we do something? That goes for me too..We have to rise up and stop this nonsense!

      • I would say more like corporations putting out these hits…and government officials being told to look the other way.

        • it isn’t the government, it is big pharma. learn the difference and don’t be an irrational and ignorant extremist looking for a reason to bash the government. the government makes no money from MS medicine, it is big pharma that does. Always follow the money.

          • The gov. may not take money but the politicians do and the swinging door between gov. and corporate jobs has caused policy to be ignored. There are dark elements in government and it’s Shadow is quite powerful. Collusion between corps. and gov. exists.

          • Big pharma owns your government and ours in Britain. It also owns the FDA. The only way to bring big pharma to heel is to force government to act in the public interest. But while big pharma owns government, this will not happen, unless and until the public takes back ownership of government….

          • And you don’t think bug Pharma has huge Lobbiest? Do your research before you bash someone.

          • “Slap,” your comment is ignorant and rude, and you don’t even have the b*lls to reveal your true identity. TROLL. You did not even process my comment before attacking my character. If you read my comment and processed it “rationally,” you would see that I targeted 1st corporations (and it is FAR more than just BigPharma), and then government, who have been bought by them. It OBVIOUSLY takes a government in collusion with private, corporate, military/police, media interests to kill so many people and get away with it all and make it all go away under the radar. You are the one who clearly continues to need an education. That is, unless you are simply a troll and a shill, which is likely. And if you continue to attack others, I will report your posts and have you removed.

          • Anyone who does not understand that big business drives governments and that a handful of uber-rich elitists pushing for a new world order dictate global policies understands nothing. As you said…follow the money and do research on former presidential speeches. The answer is hiding in plain sight. The only president to truly speak out against shadows and secrecy was JFK and, well, we know what happened to him.

          • Yet government does turn a blind eye, because of the power of big pharma. And I would not be at all surprised if members of the government were ‘paid off’ to sweep all this under the carpet. Follow the money is true – but the power of money reaches all levels of government and other official organisations. Many are afraid to fight these organisations, and rightly so. Thing is more and more people are waking up to the evil of big pharma and learning to find their own healing path, thanks to wonderful brave souls like Ann Boroch, bless her.

      • All the people running to snopes for answers. Don’t even realize it’s a private business owned by George Soros… not everything on there is a lie, but anything that would damage business for himself, or anyone that funds him, is easily distorted to their benefit. Fuuuuuuck snopes!

      • Snopes is not run by Soros, thats politicfact. I realize you can’t be bothered to look for real facts or you wouldn’t support this pages foolishness. Snopes is also not a left of center organization, they’ll bust liberals favorite lies as quickly as they do right wing. There is no conspriacy to kill of these quacks. They wind up dead soon enough if they follow their own advice.

        • snopes folks are not unbiased. they are not fact checkers.. they are driving agendas, just like main stream news

          • Does the fact most of you are clinically paranoid and delusional never cross your addled, and in a lot of cases on this page, bigotted, minds? Snopes is a hell of a lot more accurate than anything in this article. They are having financial troubles but they are fact checkers, but I realize when they bust your favorite lies thry upset you and given your paranoia you can’t accept just how wrong and fact free you are.

          • Fact checkers print facts. Many times I’ve checked facts on snopes and they give just facts, they give opinions on the facts that lean toward the left. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, however I prefer my facts straight up and not politically adjusted. Case in point, Al Gore and the internet. Most people don’t know that it began in the 60s. Therefore Al Gore claiming he too the initiative to create it is an untrue statement that the mitigate as a truth. http://www.snopes.com/quotes/internet.asp

          • You’ll find the reason why fact-checkers lean left is that facts naturally lean towards the left. Because ‘left’ thinking is all about using facts to understand reality so that policy can be made to benefit reality. The ‘right’ bases their policy on ideology and religion–two things that facts and reality tend to demolish. It’s just the way reality is.

  2. Joshua tell everybody you know about these doctors,stop buying anything from a pharmacy do your homework heal yourself and others,this is why she died ,for you ,me everybody so that we will all wake up to the fact these pharma doctors are deliberately killing us for money

  3. Specifically, WHO is killing these people??? Big Pharma includes a wide range of possibilities. The bigger question is why? Is it just to stop their voices? Do these brave souls really affect the business and profit of big pharm to the degree they need to be silenced? How can this continue to this degree without some real response? The biggest question, what can we do to prevent MORE deaths???

    • Absolutely yes! If your on to something and are healing people with herbs, plants and foods then what do you think happens? Big Pharma no longer can make millions off medications and the people. What I want to know if why no one is researching why all these NDs. are being killed!

      • If you think “natural cures” work better than science based cures, its you that know little about the “natural cures”. Try doing some real research rather than just cruising the quack sites dedicated to taking your money by scaring you away from real medicine. Nature is trying to kill you and while pharma takes cures and ques from nature ( ie: penicillin?) there are a lot of meds not found in nature that cure or prevent stuff nature doesn’t provide a cure for.

        • The pharma industry is owned and run by the zionists. They care a damn about human lives. They kill their so-called patients systematically with slow and agonizing death. It is known as: prolonged death in installments. I’ve heard of a few cases where patients have boycotted prescribed medication and are still alive and kicking by taking basic herbal treatment!

        • Your nonsense in these posts is almost funny, except you are serious. Seriously delusional. Just another brain dead, lying troll

          • One of us is a lying troll, chech your mirror to see who. Gads you people are stupid and bigotted. No wonder you are so gullible

    • You should at least try her advice…I have lupus, what she says makes sense! When I get the sugars out, keep probiotics in my system, my symptoms go away! The prescription meds have so many side effects, i do not take them! I use natural herbs etc. To get rid of my symptoms!
      Tumeric works great for inflammation! Aloe juice helps soothe my intestines!
      Many natural things out there…the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about!

  4. You murdering bastards had better stay under your rock. If you come ,you will find that innocent people aren’t the only ones who can be killed

    • Well said. And count me in. I will help you hunt them down, one-by-one and eliminate those perpetrators.

  5. This is sad, both for the family and because it adds to the absurd paranoia of those she helped fool into thinking “Big Pharma” , vaccines etc are evil, bad etc etc. She likely died of a preventable illness, at 44 likely coronary, but, being a professional quack ignored any symptoms or tried to heal herself rather than go to a real doctor.

    • This is not “absurd paranoia.” This is real life. She probably extended her years on this earth caring for herself. These so-called “real doctors” are not educated in regard to many medications. I was poisoned by “Big Pharma” after a “real doctor” prescribed Ciprofloxacin in 2011 to treat a UTI! Maybe you should take the Cipro?? Are you willing to roll the dice with your good health?! I was in PERFECT health before that “real doctor” screwed me up for life! I only took 4 pills. I still suffer from it today. You suffer what I have suffered due to a black box drug being prescribed as a first line antibiotic. A drug the “real doctor” LIED about when he told me it was safe!! You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. She was intelligent enough to find alternatives to the poison we are being prescribed. Google Ciprofloxacin Toxicity. Read more about it. Read about the tens of thousands of people who have died after taking it. Maybe if you were directly affected by a black box drug, your wife, daughter, etc… Maybe then you would care more about it. Then you would get it. Peace!

      • actually it is absurd paranoia. She was a quack, you don’t “cure” MS, and if you stop swallowing the”natural cures” propoganda and take a serious look at it you’ll wonder why you were taken in. Natural cures = nature kills. Science isn’t perfect, but it beats the pants of charlatans and snake oil salemen.

        • We will have to agree to disagree. I think you are being rude with your name calling. Especially since Ann only just recently passed away. A little respect goes a long way. You do not need to be rude to be heard. I will not be disrespectful to you. I agree that science is imperfect. Since you believe that, then why would you ignore it when an imperfection is found and a possible alternative treatment is discovered? Even if it is a natural treatment? Who cares? As long as it works! A good example of bad science is the Fluoroquinolone Catastrophe. https://www.amazon.com/How-Halt-Cipro-Levaquin-Catastrophe/dp/1518626866 Tens of thousands of people have died, and many others have been, and continue to be, adversely affected. I would imagine this would be an ideal time to protect yourself from that particular scientific solution. But I digress. I hope you and your loved ones never come in contact with any of the lethal medications, the poisons that these ‘real doctors’ are prescribing. Peace, and good health to you and yours.

          • Agree to disagree? Perhaps since you don’t seem interested in facts. As far as name calling, you’ll see I also called a lady here making anti-semtic remarks a bigot. No apology will be forth coming for calling a charlatan a charlatan or a bigot a bigot. Both need to be called out for what they are before they hurt more people. Its sad she passed away but that doesn’t lessen the very damage she may have done or people she may have ensured died needlessly. Sadly the “alternative” medicine (like alternative facts) people are easily lead astray and fooled with paranoid conspiracy and out right bull shit. If this lady said she cured her MS she was full of it and lied to make her living. Science based medicine isn’t perfect but “alternative” medicine isn’t medicine at all. Its snake oil.

          • Yes. I can respect another person’s opinion. So I agree to disagree. That said, I am always interested in learning more facts. Therefore, before I respond to you any further, I plan to read more into things. Keeping my mind open to everything, without prejudice… in my opinion, is the best way to be. Sadly, the name calling and arguments tend to take away from the true subject at hand. So I choose to ignore them. I prefer to respond as politely and kindly as possible. We cannot learn from each other if our minds are closed. On that note, I actually appreciate your point of view, and will read more into things to broaden my mind. Can you offer more links with information in addition to the snopes link? I read that report. I am interested in reading more information from other sources. I was called paranoid when I was afflicted with injuries directly caused from Cipro poisoning. The doctors would not even believe me! It was hurtful to say the least. And, there were alternative treatments that could have healed me without the injuries I sustained. For me, that is the goal. To be healed without permanent injury to my body. So this is personal for me. But I am still willing to ‘try’ to see things from another person’s point of view. 🙂 To be open-minded. Peace..

        • WHAT do you think MEDICINE is derived from you transparent frothing at the mouth troll creep ?? Your “opinions” and voice in this thread are meaningless !!
          Employ the algorithms … we shall expose these paid shills.

          • Too much writing, not enough reading.

            “Nature is trying to kill you and while pharma takes cures and ques from nature ( ie: penicillin?) there are a lot of meds not found in nature that cure or prevent stuff nature doesn’t provide a cure for.”

            Jeff realizes no one here will reason with him, so he’s been a bit harsh. But when the rubber meets the road, I’ll get my ass to a hospital like Jeff would. Just like if there is a measles outbreak, all the sudden everyone wishes they got vaccinated.

  6. Number 77. Apart of being holistic and working against big pharma. What do they have in common?
    What does there dead have in common?
    Did you already inform the FBI of this ?

  7. If you trust ‘snopes’ as your source, you must know they are part of the very same evil establishment as the Big Pharma cartel is. They have been murdering holistic docs for 2 years now. She must have known about nagalase in the vaccines and GCMaF as a powerful cure, something this evil scourge upon this earth DOES NOT want getting out to the public. Spread the word and help save lives. Expose evil every chance you can, like big drugs, owned by Rockefellers et al since it began… they don’t care about your health! They care about profits and population control. Holistic medicine has been under attack for hundreds of years… this alone should tell you something.

    • If you want to remain credible and/or make a difference you should start by refraining from your Antisemitic references to the Rockefellers. If you don’t, you are no different than the Big Pharma cartels you reference and as least as ignorant.

      • Snopes is not credible. Anti-semetic! Bahahaha! Zionist Jews make up 90% of the 1% elite and are FUCKING DEMONS and own just about everything, have destroyed everything and have created every war! I will expose their evil until my last breath. P.S. Holocaust was a lie. Go suck your thumb in a corner, brainwashed troll.

        • yup, a bigot. no wonder you come across as ignorant. Bigots usually are. Easily swayed by paranoid bullshit designed to get you to spend your money on crap rather than real medicine and real, trained, medical professionals.

        • No not brainwashed troll. I lost family in the Holocaust. I can send you their pictures if you would like. How does it feel to be so angry and hateful. Wow. I can only feel pity for you. We all have to meet our maker and then we get to come back and to it all over again. Maybe you will come back as some poor soul caught in the middle of a genocide. I have lived in African, Europe and all over the world. Where have you been that informs your world view you bitter twisted coward hiding anonymously and spewing hatred from the safety of your computer. You are weak and a coward.

    • “Holistic medicine has been under attack for hundreds of years… this alone should tell you something.”
      What should it tell us?
      If something is attacked as untrue for hundreds of years does that make it true?
      I’d be interested in some examples of holistic medicine being attacked from say, 300 years ago BTW.
      Wait, let me guess, witches were actually burned for practising holistic medicine, am I right?

      • “holoistic “medicine” is under attack because in most cases it is neither holoistic nor medicine. It often reliws on paranoid fictions that “Big Pharama” is doing something nefarious ( Other than over charging Americans that is) Naturopaths are not medical professionals, Homeopathy is so ridiculous its amazing anyone who knows the theroy would do anything but laugh. Keep it up tho, give the quacks your money and die early, try not to have any children tho, we want to improve the human herd, not dilute it with the easily fooled. You might as well send your favorite mega-church pastor your money so he can cure what ailes you. Charlatans and frauds.

  8. They are the Medical Military Industrial Complex. They are behind the Vaccine agenda. They want you and your family sick from cradle to early grave. They own all the media, the corporate food industry, the biotech industry, the chemical industry, the banking industry, they give you choice A or B when you elect a president. They win and the public gets screwed again. Remember Murphy’s Golden Rule, those with the gold make the rules. It has been that way for thousands of years.

    • you understand its more money if you are sick, not well, and that if you followthe bad advice from quacks you remain sick. I’ll stick to science, its not perfect but its real. unlike the quackery promited on this page.

      • The “science” you keep blathering about, has been bought and paid for long ago. Just like the tobacco science from decades ago, all fraudulent, to protect corrupt industries. And it continues to this day.

      • Why do you act so threatened Jeff? Do free thinking people who base their health decisions on actual facts/science and not marketing hype and conflicts of interests scare you? Do you really think no Corporations/Industries lie to you and maybe even threaten your life with their products for their own monetary gain?

        • Lol, threatened? If there are any thinking people here besides me its those laughing at your unbelieveable gullibilty? I base my beleifs on science and facts. The suckers who swallow the naturopathic nonsence and homeopathic bullshit are the ones falling for marketing combined with conspiracy mongering. They scream we did our research but they mean we googled the answer we wanted and worked from there. Fact: This woman did not cure her MS but she did fraudulently try and use that ictional cure to make her living. My anger is that those who are the least able to help themselves, children , ate the victims are her the the doltish parents who followed her and took her bs recommendations over those of real, trained physicians. No doctors make mistakes and science isn’t perfect but falling for a fraud because you don’t do any real looking for fact endangers our kids and needlessly lefs to preventable death of people of all ages. Wake up and stop pretending you kow something because you confuse googling with research

  9. Of course they’re all dying. They think everything can be cured by sticking a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of turmeric up their asses. As for “curing” MS – Lol..!

  10. This story doesn’t tell what she died of. Did she have cardiac arrest, is her cause of death a mystery???? Was she strangled, drowned, stabbed, shot, asphyxiated? You hint that she was possibly murdered by big pharma but you don’t give a reason for that logic. Misleading and fake newsy.

  11. sometimes the ones that God uses to teach & to heal are singled out by those who have rejected God & are all in for themselves without regard for anyone else – I pray there are leads that will reveal the truth of who is behind this & how they are manipulating the justice system to not be held accountable or charged for their crimes, not just the murder, but against humanity by destroying our natural resources & those who have worked hard to help others… this is so sad…

  12. If they want answers they just have to do an autopsy. Is it possible that she would be alive if she had sought medical help? Did her alternative medicine destroy her liver? Without an autopsy, there are no answers, just conspiracy theories.

  13. Read “Nurses, MIdwives and Witches” about the historical
    assault on female health workers. A great read.

  14. Wow, the world lost a great soul/spirit. Ann will be missed and I hope we get to the bottom of what caused her death.

  15. There is nothing hidden or concealed that will not be disclosed or made known;, what you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the daylight; and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops; God sees everything, that is why HE is calling all men to repent and receive HIS gift of salvation through HIS son Jesus Christ, who died upon the cross so that we can be forgiven of a our sins and stand before GOD in Righteousness; Bible says that man is appointed once to die, and then Judgement; All have sinned and fall short of the glory GOD; Please, won’t you turn from your old ways of doing thingsi and turn to the living God who wants to guide you into all truth and lead you into doing works worthy of repentence; God loves you , and in HIS eyes you are a beautiful Jewel, and HE wants to smooth your rough edges and cause you to shine in the light of the kingdom of HIS Son; mat God bless you beautiful people;

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