Home Delivery – Double Whopper Comes To Your Door in Merseyside

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Health campaigners in Liverpool are unhappy with Burger King for their planned Home Delivery Service.

894 calories is being offered for delivery if you order a Double Whopper.

That’s what Burger King is offering to roll out across the UK.

The delivery service is being hailed by the burger giant fans as  “groundbreaking and  “overdue”. “pizzas and chinese meals have been delivered for a long time….. even kebabs are delivered, so why not burgers? – specially a double/triple whopper..” – which is a classic of the burger chain.

With obesity rates amongst children spiraling upwards nationwide, Merseyside campaigners say that they don’t need the home delivery service. 

…..Robin Ireland, chief executive of the Health Equalities Group, said: “The announcement of Burger King’s new delivery service comes at a time when obesity rates are steadily climbing across the UK, with nearly 40% of children and young people on Merseyside overweight or obese.

“An increasing body of research indicates that the easy availability of fast food influences the levels of obesity in a local area.

“Given Liverpool’s already high number of fast food outlets, this new delivery service is not something we would welcome to the city.”

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