‘I Hope We Never Have That Here’ – Putin Slams ‘Liberal’ France For Banning The Word ‘Mother’

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President Putin said some European countries have banned the word “mother” at schools out of concerns for political correctness.

President Vladimir Putin remarked at a recent Kremlin meeting that some European countries have banned the word “mother” at schools out of concerns for political correctness, something he stated must never happen in Russia.

Putin was referring to a law passed in France earlier this year which mandates that schools refrain from using ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and instead use ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’.

According to government MP Valérie Petit, the change was necessary because using ‘father’ and ‘mother’ is “old fashioned” and doesn’t meet the needs of “social equality.

Don’t expect to see Russia under President Putin follow the example of liberal Western Europe.

Back in June, Vladimir Putin gave his thoughts on a similar topic, stating that liberalism was in its death throws thanks to forced multiculturalism and political correctness.

The ruling elites have broken away from the people,” Putin told the Financial Times, adding that the “so-called liberal idea has outlived its purpose.”

Summit reports: During a meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations, a Kremlin advisory group, Putin told delegates, “You said the word mother ‘can’t be replaced.’ It turns out, perhaps, it can, in some countries, they now have ‘parent number one’ and ‘parent number two.’ I hope we never have that (in Russia).

Officials attending the conference laughed, but for many in the west, who are told to accept such absurdities in silence lest they be punished for a myriad of potential thought crimes, it’s not that funny.

That good-natured response masked the looming uneasiness that yet another crazy train has departed the Western station and is on a collision course with Russia, as well as the rest of the world,” writes Robert Bridge.

Will Russia be able to holdout forever against the globalists’ ultra-liberal agenda now threatening the planet?” he asks.

As we previously highlighted, a discussion on one of Russia’s most popular TV shows about a boy in Scotland who was suspended for saying there are only two genders underscored how people in eastern Europe are completely bewildered by the west’s obsession with identity politics.

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