Hundred-thousand rise against Irish water tax

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Hundred-thousand rise against Irish water tax

Demonstrations were held across Ireland protesting austerity scheme to tax, privatize water supply

Right 2 Water, the protest organizers, said that over 150,000 people turned out to protest agains the Irish water tax. In a statement on Saturday afternoon they said “Despite torrential rain, our expectations have been massively exceeded, with well over 150,000 people coming out in every neighbourhood, town and village to send a clear message to the Government: water is a human right, and we demand the abolition of domestic water charges.”

Common Dreams reports:-Across Ireland, crowds of people took to the streets on Saturday in a mass mobilization against a government austerity scheme to charge residents for domestic water usage.

With over 70 demonstrations planned across the nation, organizers estimated as many as 100,000 Irish citizens are expected to take part in the actions.

The demonstrations follow on the heels of 100,000-strong march in the nation’s capital to protest a recently enacted government plan to install water meters on homes and charge residents for private water usage. Angry residents have also begun blocking the water meter installations.

“From Ballyshannon in Donegal to Tralee in Kerry, we are witnessing an unprecedented popular mobilisation which started in Dublin on October 11th, and will only end when domestic water user charges are abolished,” said the group Right2Water in a press statement ahead of the Saturday actions. The group says that the historic showing reflects the “level of public anger surrounding the water charges.”

Over 100 demonstrations held across Ireland protesting austerity scheme to tax, privatize water supply


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