Hundreds of Thousands Protest ‘New World Order’ in France as COVID Narrative Crumbles

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Hundreds of thousands of French residents protest the 'New World Order' in France as Covid narrative continues to crumble

Hundreds of thousands of French residents took to the streets on Saturday to rise up against the ‘New World Order’ and their diminishing control over the COVID narrative.

Unprecedented numbers of people across the country took to the streets on the same day the upper house of parliament approved a bill introducing a vaccine pass.

Citizens could be seen holding banners that read “Freedom” and “Democracy in danger.”

“I’m against the vaccine pass. I’m against mass vaccination – everyone must be free to choose,” a protester in Paris declared. reports: Others showed support for unvaccinated Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, who was recently detained and slated for deportation in Australia for breaking health regulations. “Novak is kind of our standard-bearer at the moment,” a protester told AFP in Bordeaux.

The French Senate, the upper house of parliament, adopted an amended version of the vaccine pass bill the same day. The lower house, the National Assembly, is due to vote on the hotly debated bill on Sunday afternoon. 

If adopted, the vaccine pass will replace the existing health pass required for entering establishments including cafes, restaurants, gyms and cinemas. The measure is aimed at incentivizing more people to get fully vaccinated. 

Booster shots became necessary for the working health pass on Saturday. People who have received their second dose more than seven months ago, but have not received a booster, had their passes deactivated.


  1. Novaks Orthodox He’s been deported. Boris has been sprung deceiving the world by partying merrily during lockdowns He’s Catholic He will just ignore the calls to. Resign and so will England’s media.

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