Hungarian PM Warns The West Is Subjecting Itself To “Suicide Waves Of Decline”

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Hungarian PM

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is warning that the west is subjecting itself to “suicide waves” of decline in the form of mass migration, self-inflicted economic wounds and an obsession with identity politics.

Orbán made his remarks during a speech to mark his taking the oath of office.

Despite huge effort by globalist interests to derail his candidacy, Orbán’s conservative Fidesz party swept to victory in the election last month with a two-thirds majority.

Summit News reports: During a speech in parliament, Orbán cautioned that the continent faced perilous times ahead.

“Everything that has happened since 2020 points in one direction: Europe and the Hungarian people in it have entered an age of danger,” said Orbán. “The decade began with the coronavirus epidemic and continued with the war. The sanctions from the war brought an economic downturn.”

“The war and sanctions policy caused an energy crisis, and U.S. interest rate hikes brought an age of inflation,” he added.

The Hungarian leader went on to lament that Europe was entering an “age of economic downturn” and a worsening mass migration problem.

Orbán said we are now witnessing the “suicide waves of the Western world” characterized by the replacement of Christianity with a vacuous cult of identity politics.

“Such is the program of the great European population exchange, the essence of which is to replace the missing Christian children with migrants. Such an experiment is a program of gender madness and a liberal Europe that transcends nation-states and Christianity, and puts nothing in their place,” said Orbán.

“They forget that man alone can never be free, only lonely,” he added.

Orbán expressed hope that his own people could fight back, “because the Hungarians were carved out of hard wood, so we stubbornly resist the decline.”

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