Hunter Biden Confesses on Camera That Russians Have ‘SICKENING VIDEOS’ of Him Committing ‘Unspeakable Sex Acts’

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Hunter Biden admits Russians have ‘SICKENING VIDEOS’ of him committing unspeakable sex acts

A newly leaked video shows Hunter Biden confessing that Russians stole another of his laptops that contain ‘sickening videos’ of him performing “f***ing crazy sex acts” on victims.

In the video, Hunter can be seen discussing the compromising material Russians have on him to a prostitute. He claims the incident occurred while he was close to overdosing on crack in a Las Vegas hotel room.

The incident means Hunter lost a total of three computers – the first abandoned at a Delaware computer store and the second seized by the FBI – each likely to hold incriminating and sensitive material on the Biden’s, including his father President Joe Biden.

“I spent f***ing crazy amounts of money,” Hunter told the unidentified prostitute. “I was with these guys. The one guy was, not like you anyway… each night he’d be like ‘there’s going to be so many people here, crazy f*cking party’ and each night it’s nobody.”

“So anyway, and they had kicked everybody out. And they had cleaned up the entire place and they were getting ready to leave, and I woke up,” Hunter continued. “And there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette.”

“She refused to leave and they wouldn’t call an ambulance and they didn’t know whether I was dead or not at first,” Hunter said. “They checked to see if I was breathing. When I finally showed signs of breath. At first I wasn’t breathing. I was in the f*cking pool face down and they don’t know for how long.”

Hunter claimed someone stole his computer and “did all this kind of like pretend search and sh*t.”

“I think he’s the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little, like group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere, f*cking everywhere, crazy out of your mins sh*t.”

The hooker then asked Hunter what was on his stolen laptop as the two continued consuming drugs in bed.

“They have videos of me doing crazy f*cking sex f*cking, you know.” Hunter admitted, adding they would use it for blackmail because his father Joe was going to become President.

“My dad [inaudible] running for president,” he whispered. “He is. I talk about it all the time.”


RELATED: Rudy Giuliani Offered FBI Proof of Hunter Biden’s ‘Incriminating’ Hard Drives – They Ignored Him reports: Hunter appeared to be dismayed that if the video was sold by the alleged thieves to porn or news companies he would be unable to cash in on the explicit videos himself. 

‘I’m worried he gets the money up front and maybe it doesn’t do a million dollars, maybe it does three. Maybe nobody wants to see me naked,’ he said.

‘Maybe it’s ‘news interest’ and because my dad’s a public figure they say ‘we don’t have to pay you anything because you’re of interest in regular news.’

‘I think you should just beat him to the punch,’ the prostitute replied. ‘I think you should release your own video.’

Photos on the laptop hard drive obtained by include pictures of a woman’s Russian passport, and photos of Hunter topless pulling the woman’s brunette hair while she kneels on a bed.

Other photos show the woman and three young men driving to Hunter’s former Hollywood Hills rented home, drinking and partying by the pool, and two women naked with Hunter by the pool.

It is unclear whether the Russian woman and the three men are the same people Hunter accused of stealing his laptop.


    • I think it’s clear to any thinking person who hasn’t been living in a cave the last few years; The Bidens are corrupt, immoral grifters and gangsters.

      • Natural_Texan, you can say that again .. It’s very clear that any thinking person who hasn’t been living in a cave the last 2 years. I agree, the Bidens are definitely corrupt, immoral grifters and gangsters; and Jill Biden’s now the boss of that family; she tells Dementia Joe what to do.

    • Yeah but Epstein guilty zioTrumpy is still a degenerate P0S that met his H00KER wife at Mossad Jizzy Maxwell’s honeytrap brothel. They both serve our real ENEMY Israel

  1. He is undoubtedly proud of what he’s done or he wouldn’t have taken videos of it nor would he be talking about it with such verve. After all, Joe is so proud of him as well.

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