Ilhan Omar Endorses Sharia Flogging for Critics Who Question Her Adultery

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Rep. Ilhan Omar wants critics to be flogged Shariah style for mentioning her adultery

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has suggsted her critics should recieve the Sharia punishment of flogging for accusing her of having an extra-matirtal affair.

The far-left congresswoman was criticized on Twitter for allegedly committing adultery with Democratic political consultant Tim Mynett – who she is now in a romantic relationship with.

Omar had earlier commented on news that President Donald Trump had warned the next two weeks of the coronavirus outbreak would be “very painful” for Americans.

“Subhanallah!” she responded, using an Arabic exclamation.

One Twitter user replied by invoking the Quran’s prohibition against “adultery.”

According to Omar, Muslims are commanded to reject such “testimony” and to flog the offender “with eighty stripes” for being “disobedient to Allaah.” reports: Omar earlier this month announced her Islamic and legal marriage to her campaign consultant Tim Mynett, whom she was accused of having an affair with while both she and he were still married to their previous partners. Omar has also been dogged by evidence-based speculation that she previously married her brother to get him a U.S. visa.

Some commentators, including a number of Muslims, criticized Omar for seeming to publicly advocate a primitive form of Islamic justice.

Others, like The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, who is an Orthodox Jew, were simply dumbfounded.

Blogger Stephen Miller couldn’t get over Omar’s suggestion that she is a “chaste woman.”

Ilhan Omar sparks a debate separate from the Quran’s take on adultery

In a related Twitter fracas, commentators debated whether Omar’s initial tweet — saying, “Subhanallah!” — was an expression of joy.

Yasmine Mohammed, an ex-Muslim human rights activist, alleged that Omar was “praising Allah that Americans will be going through a very painful time.”

However, Siraj Hashmi, a Muslim writer and editor for the conservative Washington Examiner, pushed back, saying “subhanallah” is a generic expression of surprise.

Omar, who had made the same argument, expressed disbelief at being defended by Hashmi.

Facing some backlash from fellow conservatives, Hashmi said he was similarly shocked to be defending Omar. He later asked for the congresswoman’s phone number, which she declined to provide.

Omar has previously faced criticism for seeming to downplay the deaths of Americans at the hands of Islamic radicals, including in the Sept. 11 attacks. But she and her allies have dismissed such allegations as “Islamophobic.”