Immigrants Armed With Bars And Hammers Head To UK Border

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Terrorists arrive en masse to the UK border armed with hammers and metal bars

Hundreds of terrorists posing as immigrants and armed with hammers and iron bars stormed the Channel Tunnel entrance in Calais on Thursday, in an attempt to enter the UK.

French residents in the area took to social media to report the illegal immigrants attacking the tunnel, as French riot police were deployed to tackle the terrorists.

The Sun reports:

Locals in the “Angry Calaisiens” group, which is campaigning to restore order in the besieged town, report a group of migrants were “running around” outside a supermarket armed with “iron bars, stones and hammers”. They claim the migrants are “invading the streets” in a bid to reach Britain.

They wrote: “WARNING! There are reports from reliable sources that a group of six or seven migrants are running around with iron bars, stones and hammers near Leader Price.

“A tunnel attack by illegals is under way! Be careful if you go in this area, especially avenue Roger Salengro, where groups of 50-60 migrants have been spotted.

“Also according to reliable sources, a hundred migrants all heading for the channel are invading the streets! Be on your guard! The police are arriving on the scene with their riot equipment!”

Several videos emerged on social media showing migrants desperately trying to reach the tunnel as they brought traffic to a standstill around the port.

Sophie Lesuisse wrote on Facebook: “They are everywhere… there is an invasion at the entrance to the tunnel and the highway closed to the city.”

Choubibi Bidoubidou added: “I just found myself in the middle of the full onslaught of hundreds of migrants on the A16.

“Clashes also with CRS and tear gas. Very, very dangerous – take care.”

Others described the Eurotunnel as a “warzone”.

Congestion level for HGV drivers in the area has been raised from “medium” to “high”.

A spokeswoman for Eurostar confirmed the services have not been affected by the ongoing chaos.

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