Geraldo Rivera Defends Biden, Says Everyone Should ‘Get The Damn Vaccine’

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Geraldo Rivera

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera is backing President Biden’s call for private businesses to mandate the covid vaccine.

On FNC’s “The Five” Rivera said that everyone should “get the damn vaccine” because people have no right to negatively impact his family.

He continued that as long as his grandchildren could not get the vaccine, others should be forced into having it to keep them safe.

Rivera has previously called unvaccinated people arrogant, selfish and reckless arguing that they should be banned from certain venues, including workplaces. He has also said he had no problem with the idea of vaccine passports.

Breitbart reports: Rivera said, “This was a president who was doing something that he feels necessary to curb an emergency that has already, ladies and gentlemen, taken more lives than the American civil war. Let’s put it in the context.”

He continued, “This is what we are talking about. We’re not talking about, you don’t have a right to drink if you’re 19 years old or you don’t have a right have a license before you’re 16. This is about life and death. He is impatient. He’s angry. He thought he would be remembered as the president who crushed COVID and instead COVID is threatening to crush his agenda. So of course he is in every way frustrated.”

Rivera said, “Ladies and gentlemen, there is long-settled law in the United States of America that your freedoms cannot infringe on my family’s health. You don’t have the right to spread smallpox or Measles or Polio or whatever it is to my family. I have a right to protect my family. My government has the obligation to protect me and my family.”

He continued, “Get the damn vaccine. I have grandchildren. You have to get vaccinated.”

Rivera concluded, “You have no right to make a decision that negatively impacts my family.”


  1. Misery loves company and evidently he knows, “where he is going” to be lonely place in the tar pit – his just rewards for leading the innocent astray – a shameless, god-less and clue-less clown

  2. The Vaccine, Global Warming, Abortion, how to solve the Black Crime Crisis, Immigration, when and when not to flex our country’s military power, the energy crisis, drug addiction, the mentally ill homeless people, and Corruption in government; there are so many long term problems facing our country, that our government and our citizens have intentionally done back flips to avoid solving, that I wonder how we dare to call ourselves “Civilized”. We are nothing more than a bunch of primates within arms reach of the evolutionary tree that we climbed down from. So don’t be surprised by ignorant primates like Geraldo who spend their time grooming Biden, by picking the lice off his back, instead of taking the unheard of step of actually researching any of the problems we face and propose solutions for them.

    • Almost everything you mentioned are manufactured/invented/fictional problems.

      The problems that could solve all problems are much simpler –

      • Howdy FattyWink. You argue that they are manufactured problems and in my comment I said the problems exist only because politicians refuse to solve them. That’s not a disagreement. So maybe you should tell me about the much simpler problem that could solve all the problems.

        • I meant no offense, nor disagreement that there are more important things to tackle as you pointed out – just that even those more important things are manufactured, and the simpler solution is to give people the tools to recognize those cons from an early age – develop a culture of uncensored open debate – but, what we have is the exact opposite in our indoctrination centers (public school and higher education systems) and in our mass media. The information age has accelerated our demise because the exploitation of it has outpaced the benefits of it, that’s why there is such a rush to censor and essentially remove from society anyone who thinks like you or I.

          • Howdy FattyWink. I took no offence at all, and I hope you didn’t interpret anything I said as offensive either. And I thank you for your concern. Your comment about the indoctrination centers is spot on. Public consensus cannot be formed without open discussion that is free of censorship. And without a public consensus on an issue, politicians will almost always vote for whoever gives them the most money.

  3. I think he should take some Gardisil. It was also FDA approved, but took long term observation to reveal it was causing cancer in women.

    Also, what’s in Al Capone’s vault?

  4. This fool is an obedient NWO cabal puppet. He can take as many vaccines & forms of pharma poisons as he chooses. Those of us who chose to exercise our God-given right to refuse will not be joining in that insanity. BTW, God-given rights cannot be over-ridden by anyone or anything, including govmts.

  5. On MSN news right now in Australia is the headline picture of Australia’s Military minister of War and pieces or whatever and she’s having a “high level” meeting with Indo’s war team about the threats from Islamic terrorists thanks to Biden setting the Taliban loose. She’s standing there after a year and a half plus of COVID covid covid panic attacks wearing a cheap. And nasty little disposable 2 cent surgical mask. That show EXACTLY how seriously the big boys really feel. Threatened by COVID After all. This time she hasn’t even bothered to get a proper mask to wear, at least to meet big wigs. Hasn’t been bothered.

    • Like Nancy Pelosi and her silk scarves to protect and defend the members from deadly covid. When she bothered to wear it which was only when she was expecting cameramen.

      • Silk has no magical properties either other than so scream….”Look at this expensive scarf I am wearing and you don’t have enough money to buy one like mine”

  6. three weeks of unkle SAM double arm shots at fort DIX while the crazy drill sarg was killin gay guys behind our backs.War in the ranks kill kill kill GUNG HO kilroy brain washed with delayed stress coming back from nam put about 12 rounds in me at age 8,,,,over 55 years ago war state needs peace not brainwashed killer never deprogrammed

  7. No vaccines required here because I’m as healthy as a horse. Want to know why? Ivermectin horse dewormer paste. Covid free for a fraction of the cost AND keeps the parasites away….including old Dr. Faustus.

  8. .. so Geraldooo… what you gonna do about all those Jabbed and double jabbed that are spreading Covid like a brush fire out of control?…take Isreal for example, you think all those jabbed and double jabbed in the ICUs there got there from people who do not have covid jab? …and if you took the jab to protect you from covid why are you so worried about geting it from thse who do not have the jab..I really really do not like Geraldo, never have….

  9. Well….what do you expect of a joo who pretends to be a spink? Nothing this man does or says means a hill of beans anymore…

  10. What cracks me up about Rivera, Kimmel, Schwarzenegger, Stern, etc.etc. is that they don’t seem to realized that millions of people have caught and over come the virus and now have natural immunity. In any case, they are ignorant as hell. What are they so worried about if they are protected by the vaccine?????????? They should mind their own business.

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