Jim Acosta To Be Fired From CNN Over Anti-Trump Obsession

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Jim Acosta next to be fired from CNN

Trump-hating broadcaster Jim Acosta is set to be fired from CNN amid a purge of ‘woke’ employees from the network.

Jon Nicosia, who correctly reported Brian Stelter was marked to be fired by CNN before it was announced, revealed that Acosta is the next big name to be be axed.

Therightscoop.com reports: He quoted an executive at the company saying the mystery person “does not have a place in the new CNN. He reminds us of the Zucker period we are looking to move far from. The only reason he is still on air was not to look like we were ‘cleaning house’ for political reasons right after the closing.”

Today Nicosia says he has the name, and that name is loudmouth opinion host who would have been radical on Air America or MSNBC, much less CNN, but masquerades as a journalist because the corrupt media is into that, Jim stinking Acosta.

That second tweet is kind of important to the whole story because what he is saying, or his source is saying, is that it may not be as easy with Jim as it was with Stelter, because there are people at CNN who actually like Acosta. And while that’s hilarious as a burn on Stelty, it does not speak well of the network’s health overall that anyone could possibly object to his being given the boot.

But that’s important because it could mean a drawn out effort or even a FAILED one, if the pushback is too much.

Sooner or later Acosta would be gone from CNN anyway, probably sooner. But if Discovery wins this battle then he’s out in disgrace and RIGHT SOON.

So, again, buh-bye.


    • That’s too bad. I heard that Jake Tapper was going to keep his job as well. When you thought CNN was going in the right direction. Oh well.

      • From all appearances they are attempting to return CNN to a factual news outlet that reports the news without the spin. It’s too soon to tell how far they’ll go. However, to their credit they have made some good moves thus far.

          • 🙂 I know what you mean. However, in this instance it IS worth a try due to CNN’s int’l presence throughout airports, etc. If the new management can tame the wokeisms, liberal bias and outright lies against Christians and conservatives then that will benefit America in the long run. Of course, the alternative is to shut it down altogether and replace it with one of the new media.

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