Underage Teens Voted In Florida Election, Election Official Claims

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Teenage voters illegally voted in Florida election, election official claims

People under the age of 18 illegally voted in the midterm elections in Florida, according to newly discovered data.

According to journalist Patrick Howley at Big League Politics, a whistleblower who saw official voter information confirmed that multiple teenagers voted in this midterm election in the round of early of absentee voting.

Bigleaguepolitics.com reports: Big League Politics has erased the personal residence information of these individuals from the following pieces of publicly available voter information.

Amazingly, the county governments actually list the registered voters as being younger than 18 years old, according to their birth dates, so this is based on official government information.

(“You are eligible to vote in Volusia County for an election that has an election date on or after your 18th birthday,” says one official record, right underneath the listed birth date of a listed 17-year old voter.)

The information below includes recent voter registrations, including in the immediate days before the 2018 election.

We will start with people who were flagged on the list of early or absentee voters, and gradually expand the list to all underage persons who are registered to vote in the state of Florida. We have reached out to county elections officials, and will update with their responses as we go along.

Raymond Murga voted in Miami-Dade County, which officially recognizes that he is 17 years old, according to his birth date of May 28, 2001. You can find Master Murga’s entry on the Miami-Dade official voter information lookup page.

There is a high school volleyball player named Raymond Murga in Miami, class of 2019.

Demetrius Bundick Jr., born in 2002, voted in Hillsborough County, according to the whistleblower.

There is a Demetrius Bundick in his forties in Tampa, who appears to be related to another Demetrius Bundick, possibly Demetrius Bundick Jr.

Thomas Pulzone, born in 2002, voted in St. John’s County.

There is a record of a current junior high school football player at Ponte Vedra High School in St. John’s County, according to MaxPreps.

The worker who answered the phone at the St. John’s County elections office initially said that there multiple people born on July 2, 2002 who are registered to vote. After checking with another office worker, she returned to claim that “that person” never voted, but did not provide evidence of that.

Robert Tyler, born in February 2001, voted in Volusia County according to the whistleblower. We are still collecting information on this person at this time.

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