General Flynn: Members Of Congress Are Compromised “Because They Had Sex With Children”

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gen michael flynn

Former National Security Adviser under the Trump administration General Michael Flynn has just publicly revealed some information regarding blackmail and members of the House and Senate.

During an interview with Joy Thayer, General Flynn said that there are some members of the House and Senate who have been compromised by globalists who blackmail the because they know the members have had sex with children.

Remember Jeffrey Epstein and his hidden cameras?

WLT reports: Flynn stated “CODEL trips over seas, where these members of both the House and the Senate get compromised by sleeping with children.”

In case you’re wondering CODEL trips are “Congressional delegation, also CODEL or codel, in the United States) is an official visit abroad by a member or members of a legislature.”

Flynn finished his statement by sharing “These are very real things.”

Here was X’s reaction:

Many political commentators have speculated that this is what goes down in the swamp but Flynn is the first guy of stature to come straight out and say it.

Commentator Jackson Hinkle pointed out that Epstein’s entire child sex trafficking operation was mainly to obtain blackmail on high power figures such as members of Congress.

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