Immortality Is A Possibility, Scientist Claims

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American scientist Dr Bill Andrews has said he is very close in discovering the secret to ageing, and in inventing a drug that can ‘cure’ the ageing process. 

The molecular Biologist spoke on national TV saying that humans should not have to suffer “the ravages of ageing”, and that he intends to produce a drug which will make humans immortal. reports:


His research centres around Telomeres – small caps at the end of our chromosomes that become shorter every time our cells divide.

When they become critically short, we age and eventually die.

Dr Andrews believes that he can find a small molecule that will trigger the production of Telomerase in the body, which will lengthen the Telomeres and stop, or even reverse the ageing process. If he’s successful, he says we could all end up looking and feeling 24 years old again.

Is he onto something here? His detractors in the scientific community claim that he’s just the latest in a long line of quacks and charlatans who’ve claimed to have found the Fountain of Youth or a miracle cure of aging but Dr Bill says the science is on his side.

The 63-year-old American believes that he could live till he’s 150.

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