India Royally Snubs ‘Cultural Appropriator’ Justin Trudeau

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India rejects Canadian PM Justin Trudeau after 'tasteless' display of cultural appropriation

India has blasted Justin Trudeau for engaging in ‘cultural appropriation’ during his recent visit, insulting 1.3 billion Indians across the country. 

According to Indian officials, Trudeau is a mascot of everything that is wrong in vacuous liberal politics today. reports: From being at the forefront of encouraging every degeneracy to welcoming radicalism into his homeland, from cheap gimmicks of tokenism to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities, the stink of his leftist hypocrisy wafts far and wide.

As citizen of India, I could not care less if the elected leader of Canada seeks to drive his nation to the dumps. But where it has an adverse effect on my country is where I choose to draw the line.

Trudeau will be in Amritsar on the 21st of February, and according to some reports, he has refused to meet the Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

No official reason has been cited, but it is believed that this move of Trudeau’s is aimed at appeasing pro-Khalistani Sikhs in Canada. Captain Amarinder, despite belonging to the Congress Party which has a dismal record in protecting India’s sovereignty, has been a vocal critic of the Khalistan movement.

The Khalistani movement was brought to the mainstream when the then prime minister Indira Gandhi allegedly propped up secessionist Bhindrawale to curb the growing popularity of the Akalis in Punjab. It was a typical Congress Party move, sacrificing national security at the altar of short-term electoral gains.

But the movement fast became Indira’s Frankenstein, and the rest, including how she lost her life, is history. Cut to the present times, and the only surviving proponents of the Khalistan movement now reside in Canada.

These cowards, including one who made it to Trudeau’s cabinet, have unsuccessfully attempted to fuel the movement from the comfort of their Canadian homes.

Despite the insignificance of these clowns, India needs to be vigilant. With politicians like Arvind Kejriwal spending the night at the home of a former Khalistani terrorist and accepting funds from people connected to this movement, the government probably realizes that there are enough elements within the country who would side with enemies in their lust for money.

The reason every movement that seeks to break India is more active than ever today is because the frauds driving them realize it’s now or never. Five more years of prime minister Modi and they won’t have a raison d’être.

Today’s India is no pushover. Since the advent of PM Modi, the country has consciously worked towards carving out a space for itself as a global power.

Trudeau wholeheartedly embracing Khalistanis and refusing to meet an elected chief minister in India, is just a display of bad manners from an entitled brat. But this isn’t Manmohan’s India, and we don’t take such rubbish lying down.

For starters, the minister of state for agriculture was sent to receive Justin Trudeau when he landed in India. Now remember, Trudeau isn’t the insignificant head-of-state of some small third-world country.

Also remember that this is an era where prime minister Modi himself receives several world leaders at the airport when they land in India. Considering the importance that the prime minister accords to a personal touch in his dealings with world leaders, sending a junior minister to receive Trudeau is slap on the latter’s face.

Moreover, if reports are to be believed, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister won’t receive Trudeau on his visit to the Taj Mahal. This is against convention, and if this is indeed true, it will send out the clearest of messages.

The royal snubbing of Justin Trudeau is already a major step for India in its assertion as a global power. Perhaps it’s time to take the next step now and confront Trudeau directly over his shenanigans when he meets with the prime minister and other officials. India is a nuclear power, and a major military and economic power today.

A two-bit newbie putting us under the bus to further his politics of appeasement, needs to be shown his place.

The Indian media has steered clear of reporting about how Trudeau has refused to meet Captain Singh. It is difficult to assess whether they are attempting to emulate their global peers who turn a blind eye to the many faults of their blue-eyed boy, or whether they are happy to swallow the insult just because of their blind hatred towards prime minister Modi and the country consequently.

Not only have they expressed zero outrage about Trudeau’s Khalistani outreach, they have pretended as if all is well between both countries, refusing to even report that the junior minister of agriculture was sent to receive him!

What is even more strange than the media’s silence is the Congress Party’s silence over the issue. After all, the chief minister whom Trudeau has refused to meet belongs to the Congress Party.

Whether they have maintained a stoic silence because they are happy to see a foreign leader misbehave with an Indian chief minister, or whether they couldn’t care less about Captain Amarinder because he refuses to worship the family, is anybody’s guess.

Incidentally, it’s the union government that is showing Trudeau his place and standing up for the Captain in a sense.

India is not CNN’s studio where global champions of pseudo-liberalism, pseudo-secularism and radical Islamism will find a platform to propagate their hypocrisy and watch the world burn.

You might be rich, white, the offspring of royalty and the global poster-boy of liberal values, but it amounts to zilch, especially if you mess with India.

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