INSIDE JOB: Hand-Written Notes Show FBI Discussed Framing General Flynn

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Newly discovered hand-written notes show FBI discussed framing General Michael Flynn

Newly discovered handwirtten notes reveal Deep State FBI officials discussed framing General Michael Flynn for political purposes.

It took three years for these bombshell handwritten pieces of evidence to see the light of day.

Investigative reporter John Solomon joined Fox News’ Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss the latest development:

Lou Dobbs: Let’s start withe the revelations by the attorney for General Flynn and the fact that again there is just more evidence, here we are almost four years into this sorry, sordid attempt to overthrow a president and we’re still finding thousands of pages of documents.

John Solomon: I think we’re going to learn tonight or early tomorrow morning, we will see the release of some new handwritten notes that the FBI failed to turn over to General Flynn and his team in almost a three year source in this legal battle. Those notes are going to show that the FBI was engaged in a conversation in how they could trick General Flynn into lying. Rather resolve the issues that the investigation was designed to, there are references in these notes, according to my sources, to quote “play games” Do we want to resolve this or do we want to catch him in a lie.” If those are in the notes as my sources describe them, it will put the FBI’s work on the Flynn case in the darkest possible light. You’ll actually have FBI proof that the FBI wasn’t trying to investigate facts neutrally, it was trying to quote “play a game.”

Lou Dobbs: Not play a game, they were trying to frome a general, General Flynn, and the president’s National Security Advisor for pure political reason.

Isn’t it time these FBI criminals were thrown in jail?


  1. That sort of conduct is occurring in cop shops and cia and fbis and all those sorts of operations all the time Everyday. Thousands of people around the world are treated like that. And no one ever hears boo about it.

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