Mayor De Blasio’s Daughter Says She’s Glad ‘Biden Was Able To STEAL, No, Uhh, Win’ Election

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Chiara de Blasio, BLM activist and daughter of New York City socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio, is making her rounds on the internet yet again, this time following a disturbing street interview where she told reporters how excited she was that Joe Biden was able to “steal” the 2020 Election.

Things only got worse from there.

For me, it’s really special because now we have the first black, Asian, female President in office, elected,” New York City’s First Daughter told reporters, omitting the word “Vice” from “Vice President” while echoing the thoughts of millions of Americans who believe Kamala Harris will be running the show in a hypothetical Biden-Harris Administration.

And Joe Biden was able to was able to win the election,” de Blasio then told the reporter.

NationalFile report: The remarks came as leftists poured on to the streets of New York City to celebrate mainstream media declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election – a declaration that carries no weight as multiple battleground states head for recounts and President Trump readies an army of lawyers and politicos to take reports of massive Democrat-sponsored election fraud to court.

The younger de Blasio’s bizarre TV interview doesn’t mark the first time she has gone viral online thanks to her appearance at a far-left take over New York City’s streets.

Over the summer, she was arrested for her role in a spree of deadly Black Lives Matter riots and her mug shot was posted to the Twitter account of the NYPD union.

How can New York City police officers keep citizens safe from “rioting anarchists” when “the Mayor’s object-throwing daughter is one of them?,” the union pondered in the post which was later censored by Twitter.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Nose ring of a slave…how ironic. Notice how heavy handed corporate advertising is in promoting bi-racial families? God says we should not marry among the nations. Just sayin’…

    • crazy eyes, nose ring are clues. Does she have a butterfly tatoo? Or finger lakes like hunter? All points to fractured mk ultra squirrel cage survivor

  2. What a disgusting mockery of equality and fraternity under ” democracy ” to have any first family .Just blatant democratic hypocrisy and the stepping stone to return to monarchy .Just exactly how Putin as president in perpetuity is the stepping stone to getting russians brainwashed and programmed to accept the restoration there too And dont be fooled That’s is going to be the new world order but totally fascist with it Totally

  3. Pretty much the entire leadership class in America are Looney Tunes and that apparently extends to their families.. Looking at the people being exposed in the news from Portland, to St. Louis to Chicago and New York.. Who are these strange people? and how were they put in charge?

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