‘International Pedophiles Day’: Activists Unveil New Flag and Demand Civil Rights

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Far-left activists have debuted a new flag to further their push for the normalization of pedophilia, as they continue to push for "civil rights for pedophiles."

Far-left activists have debuted a new flag to further their push for the normalization of pedophilia, as they continue to push for “civil rights for pedophiles.”

According to the pro-pedophile movement, April 25 is “Alice Day,” a special day for pedophiles to celebrate their “god-given sexuality.” The reference is to Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, who was allegedly a pedophile himself.

The People’s Voice has been exposing the globalist elite’s agenda to normalize pedophilia around the world, including removing age of consent laws.

Mainstream media and the LGBT movement is pushing for acceptance for minor-attracted persons, which is the new euphemism for pedophiles as they attempt to mainstream the victimization of children:

An assistant professor at Old Dominion University (ODU) is defending pedophiles, calling them by their preferred euphemism, and claiming that their behavior can be “moral.”

ODU assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice Allyn Walker wrote his book, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity to promote pedophile acceptance. He explained the rationale behind his thoughts while taking questions in a recent livestream.

“I use the term minor-attracted person or MAP in the title and throughout the book for multiple reasons. First of all, because I think it’s important to use terminology for groups that members of that group want others to use for them, and MAP advocacy groups like ‘Before You Act’ have advocated for use of the term MAP. They’ve advocated for it primarily because it’s less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile,” Walker said.

“A lot of people when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume it means a sex offender, and that’s not true, and it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors. I’ve definitely heard the idea that you brought up though that the use of the term minor-attracted person suggests that it’s okay to be attracted to children, but using a term that communicates who someone is attracted to doesn’t indicate anything about the morality of that attraction,” he added.

Other comments from the discussion make it abundantly clear that Walker is defending pedophilia and trying to mainstream pedophiles into the LGBT movement.

“Non-offending MAPs by definition do not abuse children so their behaviors are moral, but they’re still being subjected to this same idea that they’re bad people,” Walker said.

“Stigma against MAPs is a problem in part because it makes MAPs think that they’re monsters. That’s really problematic in terms of MAP well-being. It’s really hard to cope because you think you’re a terrible person because you have attractions you can’t change,” he added.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Well it’s the Catholic Church that has the most convictions for institutional pedophilia in the world. Join the dots.

    • I never would have guessed this. I was a fool. I thought the Gay movement was no threat. How wrong I was.

  2. People have all kinds of nasty impulses. We can accept that we sometimes experience them. But to celebrate them comes too close to condoning acting on them.

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