Investigation Confirms Biden Is Including Free Crack Pipes in ‘Safe-Smoking Kits’

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Investigation confirms Biden Harris regime including crackpipes in smoking kits

An investigation has confirmed that the Biden-Harris regime are sending out free crack pipes to Americans as part of its woke “harm reduction” program.

On Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon confirmed it received crack pipes at sites in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Richmond, included inside Biden’s “safe-smoking kits.”

“While the contents of safe-smoking kits vary from one organization to another—and while those from some organizations may not contain crack pipes—all of the organizations we visited made crack pipes as well as paraphernalia for the use of heroin, cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine readily available without requiring or offering rehabilitation services, suggesting that pipes are included in many if not most of the kits distributed across the country,” the outlet reported.

“All of the centers we visited are run by health-focused nonprofits and government agencies—the types of groups eligible to receive funding, starting this month, from the Biden administration’s $30 million grant program.” reports: The Free Beacon‘s crack pipe discovery runs contrary to reassurances by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last February that the smoking kits would not include crack pipes.

Mainstream media fact-checkers parroted Psaki’s talking points, also claiming the kits definitely don’t include crack pipes.

On Thursday, Psaki was again asked about the federal crack pipe scheme and denied federal funds went to the sites that distributed the pipes, proceeding to call the issue a “conspiracy theory.”

The Free Beacon says sites where crack pipes were obtained did not confirm whether they applied for the federal grant program.

Additionally, “The Department of Health and Human Services, which will oversee the Biden grant program, declined to provide a list of groups that have applied for funding, citing ‘confidentiality,’” the Beacon reports. “The Biden administration is set to announce grant recipients on May 15.”

In February, two Republican congressmen introduced the Hunter Act, or the Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery Act, to prevent the use of public money to fund the federal crack pipe distribution program.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) told Fox News, “I like the HUNTER Act because it was a better acronym than Stop Paying to Subsidize Biden’s Son’s Drug Addiction act. That didn’t really flow. I think tax dollars have been on the hook for Hunter’s addictions long enough.”

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