Irish Government To Imprison Citizens Who Offence Users Online

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Irish government to imprison citizens who say offensive things online

The Irish government has begun arresting and imprisoning citizens who spread “hateful” messages online.

Anybody posting anything deemed offensive to the socialist regime in Ireland could find themselves imprisoned for up to five years, under the draconian new law.

“The new legislation will criminalize any intentional or reckless communication or behavior that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or persons because they are associated with a protected characteristic,” the government announced. reports: If you are found guilty of this offense, you could face a sentence of five years in prison.

“It will also create new, aggravated forms of certain existing criminal offenses, where those offenses are motivated by hatred of a protected characteristic. These will carry an enhanced penalty and the criminal record will clearly state that the offense was a hate crime,” the government added.

According to Helen McEntee, Minister for Justice of Ireland, hate speech is not about free speech. She said hate speech is intended to silence people and to make them afraid to open up.

“We are all horrified when we hear of homophobic, racist, and other hateful incidents in our country. While these repulsive acts of violence and abuse against innocent people have been extensively reported on, we know that some people go about their lives constantly in fear of abuse simply because of who they are,” she said

“Although it is a small minority of individuals carrying out these reprehensible acts and spouting this abuse, there is a clear desire from the public that these individuals need to be dealt with in the appropriate way.

“This Bill provides separately for hate crime and for hate speech, but on the basis of the same protected characteristics.

“All provisions throughout the Bill have been carefully developed to ensure it is victim-centered and effective in securing convictions where serious crimes are committed, and the legislation follows extensive public consultation and research.”

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  1. Oddly enough, I seem to find that characteristics, which are not supportive of a healthy, sustainable civilization, are typically the very characteristics that are protected and even glorified these days. But then, it stands to reason that the enemies of civilization would of course want to make it illegal for you to hate your own loss and destruction as they create an Orwellian communist utopia for your children.

  2. Totalitarianism. But nazis are nasty racists. And mass murdering psychopathy /genocidal maniacs shouldn’t be considered freedom.

  3. Ofcause a mostly catholic nation would be the vanguard of wef style values just like they were with gay marriage. I suspect they will adopting social credit there soon as well. Their pm is already asian has been for several years they even beat the English at that one.

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