Protestors Gather Outside Mandalay Bay Demanding Truth About Multiple Shooters

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Protestors gather outside Mandalay Bay demanding truth about shooting

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the Mandalay Bay hotel on Sunday, in protest to the ongoing FBI cover-up surrounding the mass shooting on Oct. 1st, 2017.

“Show us the tapes,” protestors chanted, demanding that authorities release surveillance footage of the night of the massacre – footage that will likely vindicate the multiple shooters theory. reports: “We want to know the truth. We’re tired of the lies, we’re tired of the murders, it’s got to stop,” one protester told 13 Action News.

“They should release the video.”

Those at the event say officials are taking too long to release information.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has already released a preliminary investigation report which includes evidence photos from the shooter’s hotel rooms and a list of guns and other evidence found in his hotel rooms and residences.