BOMBSHELL: VIP Pedophile Ring Boss Epstein in Good Spirits Days Before Death: ‘I Am NOT Suicidal’

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Jeffrey Epstein said he was not suicidal just days before his death, new documents reveal

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was in good spirits and told those close to him that “I am not suicidal” just days before his mysterious death, newly released documents show.

According to FOIA documents obtained by The New York Times, Epstein tried to raise the alarm that if he was found dead, it would likely be the result of foul-play.

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Epstein’s death occurred just days after documents were set to be released that would have implicated powerful politicians, Hollywood celebrities and members of the British royal family in an elite pedophile ring. Following his death, these documents were never made public. reports: Epstein was able to capitalize on his celebrity status for a while, but it was fleeting and eventually Epstein was just another inmate trying to find out who cooked the best prison food. The time between Epstein being placed in jail and dying was 36 days. The infamous financier was arrested at an airport in New Jersey and indicted on trafficking charges and paying for sex.

While in the general population area of the prison on his first evening there, an assistant described Epstein as “distraught, sad and a little confused” in his cell. He told this female staffer he was okay, but his body language betrayed him.

July 7 had Epstein moved to a “special housing unit” because of the high-profile nature of his case. The next day, the jail’s psychological team first flagged him as a possible suicide risk given the circumstances of his situation.

July 9 is said to have been the first day that Jeffrey Epstein underwent an in-person psychological assessment. The initial reports said he was optimistic and convinced that he’d be released on bail in a matter of weeks.

It was during a July 11 session with the psychologists that Epstein told them: “Why would you ever think I would be suicidal? I am not suicidal and I would never be.”

The documents say Epstein found comfort in having a legal team work on his case — they visited him nearly every day — but that became his system of dependency and hope. None of the famous friends he used to have wouldn’t be seen with him now. No more Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, or Prince Andrew to pal around with.

The first time Epstein tried killing himself was on July 23. It was five days after Judge Richard M. Berman declined his request for bail.

“Given the potential impact of the judge’s decision, a psychologist should have assessed Mr. Epstein’s mental status upon his return to the institution,” the psychologist report reflected after the fact.

Epstein was taken off of suicide watch after a mere day and a half. He was seemingly able to convince those around him that he’d never consider such a thing, as it was purportedly against the Jewish religion.

Federal marshals flagged Epstein as a suicide risk on July 31. He had another psychological evaluation but the conclusions by the doctor were that Jeffrey stated “he lives for and plans to finish this case and to go back to his normal life.”

The day before Epstein died there was a big break in the federal appeals court as “2,000 pages of previously confidential documents” were unsealed. The findings therein are said to have added enough additional stress on his life, as the unfolding situation with Maxwell began to spiral out of his control.

Two days before his death, a pair of Epstein’s regular lawyers who visited him had come by to oversee his most recent will. The evening of his death he made a call facilitated by the evening manager. Epstein told the guy it was his mother but it actually was to his girlfriend on the outside, Karyna Shuliak.

Epstein hung himself in his cell with a bedsheet on Aug. 10, 2019. He didn’t have a cellmate to stop him from going through with it and the guards that were assigned to monitor Epstein slacked off on the job.

Despite the public doubts by Epstein’s brother and his lawyer, The New York Times highlights how an inmate heard him tearing up his bedsheet. “He wanted to kill himself and seized the opportunity when it was available,” they said.


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    • No the authorities put him in a cell with a serial killing cop who they found with 4 bodies buried in his back yard. They thought that would be appropriate to meet their needs.

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  2. Isn’t fowl play obvious , the cameras malfunction and the two guards for some reason are absent. Who would think otherwise?

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    • And we all saw the coroners and experts in neck saying that he did not die from hanging but strangulation Course they’re pushed out of the picture now too That’s how they whitewash the world By ommiasion deceit and creative story telling.

  3. The law is Cirript devious disingenuous and deceitful Children are pre pubescent Pedophiles have sex with babies infants toddlers little children. That is a pedophile. Not people who have sex with post pubescent, teenagers youths young men and women who are capable of ejaculatiin orgasm pregnancy and child birth. The law needs to be charged with criminal conspiracy to. Pervert the course of natural justice.

  4. It’s another case where we aren’t being told the truth at all because the journalists are being led like sheep , as usual. By the usual culprits. For example when Ghislane and Epstein were photographed meeting with the Pope back in the 80s or early 90s it was put down to Epsteins inluence rather than the Vatican choices. When Madonna, at the peak of her success tried to arrange a meeting her perltitions were denied any avenue of opportunity. Why would the Pope agree t, or organise, to meet Epstein who then was just small fry?

  5. It’s a good story but it’s concocted lies that contradict everything from before I know he was in a cell with the psychopath cop serial killer and he saw his lawyers just the day before and his lawyer at the time said he was upbeat and optimistic.
    Rhat articles just one of many whitewash they will roll out over time

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