The Sacred Bloodlines: Truth About Rh-Negatives (Video)

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This video reveals “secrets” about  a unique Bloodline that descended from King David.

The secret is so powerful and full of  arcane knowledge that it threatened the ruling classes of Europe and the Roman Church.

Is there something special about Rh-Negative blood types?

According to the video’s description:

The Knights Templars practiced and prospered, worshiping a god named Baphomet which many believed to be the Devil. In time the Church, as well as the new King of France (who it is said was awash in Templar debt) had enough, the decree went out and the once untouchable Knights Templar who had grown so vastly powerful in such a short time, were rounded up and put to death wherever they were found, yet many were not found.

The year was 1313, and the abrupt disappearance of a major part of the European infrastructure left some to speculate that Templars had escaped into the underground, taking with them their vast wealth, power, and knowledge.

And so it was, from France into Scotland, the Templars took with them their heretical lineage, science, and secrets where they patiently waited, and subtly worked.

Many of today’s secret fraternal Orders, including Scottish Rite Freemasonry, as well as the cunningly devised metaphysical movements which prepare for a New Age, even Satanic cults themselves, all trace their spiritual roots to Grail Templarism as well as the so-called Divine Feminine.

While in Scotland, the Templars created the Jacobite movement, in control of the British Throne, as well as establishing the model that later became called “British-Israelism,” a heretical doctrine that falsifies ancient genealogical charts to make it appear that the British, and specifically, the British Royal Family, can be traced back to Israel’s King David.

Thus, the Merovingian “Davidic Bloodline” had now secured the British Crown, in what was becoming the most powerful country in the world, allowing the Knights Templar, the Royal House of Stewart, and early Scottish Rite Freemasonry to be connected to the British Royal Throne ever since, just as Queen Elizabeth I dies without an heir and James Stewart VI of Scotland becomes King James of England. As such, the Merovingians, via the Royal House of Stewart, and its later descendants, eventually produced Diana, the late Princess of Wales and mother to the Future King, William Arthur.

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  1. King James I/VI was supposedly of our clan of Royal Stuart, and being a king, beyond reproach.

    But he was a fraud. As an infant King James had died, the bones were recently found in Edinburgh castle with the letter “J” embroidered on a piece of Mary Queen of Scots’ own material.

    The dead infant king James VI was replaced in a heartbeat by royal Stuart great uncles so as to produce a ruler for England.

    The James replica was chosen to match our clan style, which was kinda “Moorish” looking, because we love the black nobility. He was quite unlike current portraits of him; today, the white illuminati continues to draw him whiter in paintings as time wears on, more to match themselves.

    James was raised as a malleable, gay, morose young man who was mocked as a fraud by the best part of society for half his life. Even during his inaugural bash his male dancers, dressed as demons in tights, mocked him by mincing around with their little demon tails tucked between their legs like limp dicks.

    You probably know if you looked James I/VI up that he studied occult subjects, and because he was so depressed he couldn’t make up his mind on a good day. So, the malleable fraud was raised as such by the Stuarts and then coddled up by Elizabeth I, who was also running a fraud of her own, with regard to her own lineage and right to rule. Her family are bastard lineage themselves so didn’t want that in the limelight anyway. But the populace ate it up as populace is wont to do.

    The Stuart family that created the James fraud had kept a stewardship for generations and a detailed family history into archaic times, as royalty must for credibility. As such they would never have approved James’ vindictive scuttling of the facts of their ancient lineage with a concocted story of the death and resurrection of a family member. James can hypocritically deal with his homosexuality and his ethics at his pleasure but his family’s matters, especially pertaining to lineage, were not his, really, to comment on.

    Scots had and have their own churches and religious and moral relationships, and they were and many are still today, not nu-christian but Magdalenian, following the Essene path, previously Disciples of Horus. Believers can eat the dreck of the outcome of the Vatican fraud to their own satisfaction, maybe it’s fine with pope sugar on it but mind well that it wasn’t the Stuart kingdom’s doing but the action of this miserable fraud James VI. Ah well, it’s just another fabrication in England’s monarchy.

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