Facebook Partners With BuzzFeed to Spam Newsfeeds With Far-Left Propaganda

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Facebook partners with Buzzfeed to spam users' newsfeeds with trash

Facebook has announced a new partnership with BuzzFeed which will involve the far-left outlet being paid a whopping $10 million by Meta to spam the newsfeeds of billions of people.

Meta, which owns WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, reached out to BuzzFeed and agreed to pay $10 million to BuzzFeed to create content.

Redstate.com reports: BuzzFeed has created viral content like listicles and quizzes, and is also known for being a bottom-dwelling, garbage-in, garage-out site.

For instance, BuzzFeed lamented that:

men are looking for Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures online

and then posted this:

“DaBaby’s Nudes Allegedly Leaked Online And I Just Want to Thank Santa Clause For Coming Early This Year”

BuzzFeed is nothing if not consistent trash. BuzzFeed’s new partnership will, apparently, encompass the creation of viral content that users will flock to–much like users flock to TikTok for 30 seconds of nonsense. Or log on to watch a “day in the life” of a Google employee.

Admittedly, I am not in Meta’s or TikTok’s target market. Although my wife constantly shows me videos of puppies and cute kids, I haven’t the time or the inclination to search for that type of content myself. Many people do. Meta is banking on its user base of 2 billion to be ready for more useless content.

BuzzFeed has been hired to find content that will pull viewers away from TikTok and back to Meta properties, but I’m dubious. Don’t expect Meta/Facebook to step up their game on quality content. Here are a few more BuzzFeed headlines, to give you an idea of the type of content that might be coming soon to Meta properties. These are actual BuzzFeed articles:

  • 20 Reasons Why White People Can’t Be Trusted
  • 17 Foods That White People Have Ruined
  • 6 Reasons You Should Stop Referring to Women as “Females” Right Now
  • You Might Be Cleaning Your Penis Wrong


  • Sound the F****** Alarms, Zac Efron Fell While Running on the Beach

If that is the type of creative content that BuzzFeed will create for Meta users, I’m gonna pass.


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