Irish Mainstream Media Call For Trump Assassination

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Mainstream media in Ireland call for Trump assassination

The mainstream media in Ireland have launched a vicious campaign against President Trump by openly calling for his assassination. 

Friday’s cover of Ireland’s Village Magazine features a picture of Donald Trump with a crosshairs target pointed at the President’s head. The text beneath it reads: “WHY NOT.” reports:

The village is a far left leaning magazine that proclaims itself to be “Ireland’s political and cultural magazine,” according to Fox News.

An excerpt from the article featured in the magazine reads:

“So what is to be done?

We have one of the worst men in the most powerful position, one where he can do damage to millions, to billions, to the planet.

“So perhaps the solution is tyrannicide. As he might say himself — ‘take him out.’

“Tyrannicide has had support from various philosophers and theologians through the centuries, including the ancient Greeks and Romans.”

The article goes on to say that killing Trump would be wrong, after all the magazine has to say that so they aren’t shut down and thrown in prison.

This is absolutely outrageous, can you imagine what would have happened if the magazine came out and depicted this call to violence on Barack Obama?


  1. “Village Magazine”, huh! Would that be a publication by the Village Idiots?!
    Does Ireland not have any law against incitement to violence?

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