ISIS Chief ‘Poisoned’ In Iraq

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ISIS Chief ‘Poisoned’ In Iraq

ISIS leader Ibrahim al-Samarrai, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has reportedly been poisoned together with three other Islamic State commanders in Iraq.

A source told Iraqi news agency WAA that “accurate information” showed Baghdadi’s food had been poisoned by a mysterious assassin.

The four have reportedly been rushed for treatment at a secret location.

According to Press TV:

Meals prepared for him and the other three for lunch had, according to the source, been poisoned in the Be’aaj district, located southwest of Nineveh.

The source added that the four are suffering from “severe poisoning” and “have been transferred to an unknown location under strict [cautionary] measures.”

Daesh has reportedly launched a campaign of arrests in an attempt to find those responsible for poisoning the food.

Daesh has been ravaging Iraq and Syria since 2014. The terrorist group has overrun territory in both countries and has declared the city of Raqqah in Syria and Mosul in Iraq as its so-called headquarters.

Syrian and Iraqi government forces have been fighting the militants to win back the occupied areas.

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