ISIS could launch Ebola attack on Britain after fighters ‘contract virus’

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ISIS could launch Ebola attack on Britain after fighters 'contract virus'

Fears have been raised that ISIS or the Islamic State  might target Britain with an Ebola attack as two of the terror group’s fighters contracted the virus.

The Express reports: Sources at a hospital in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul say they have seen suspected cases involving two IS fighters.

They are believed to have unknowingly travelled from their African homelands with Ebola.

The news will spark fears that the jihadists could use the killer virus to hit Britain with so-called “human-bug bombs”

Intelligence experts have already urged authorities to be ready for members of the extremist outfit deliberately trying to spread Ebola in the West.

Even if a calculated plot does not emerge, experts fear Ebola could be accidentally spread by IS — also known as ISIS and ISIL — should it tear through the group’s ranks.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was last night scrambling to uncover more information about the Iraqi infection claims.

WHO officials have offered to assist the Iraqi government in investigating any potential outbreak.

However, experts are concerned that the lack of resources and doctors — caused by IS’s bloody campaign in Syria and Iraq — could make cases impossible to probe and treat.

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