ISIS say they have captured 2nd Syrian gas field over past week

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ISIS say they have captured 2nd Syrian gas field over past week

ISIS claim to have seized another Syrian gas field in the central province of Homs after a week of fighting with the army, according to a report by Press TV

‘The Takfiri group posted 18 photos on social media on Monday, showing ISIL flag hoisted in Jahar gas field as well as captured vehicles and armaments.

Jahar is the second Syrian gas field captured by the terrorists over the past week after they took over most parts of Sha’ar gas field in Homs on October 30.

They also took control of Hayan gas plant, which is considered one of the major gas suppliers to some areas, including Damascus, on Friday.

“So after the (Sha’ar) company and the (positions) surrounding it became part of the land of the [so-called] Caliphate, the soldiers advanced, conquering new areas,” the ISIL militant group said in a message.

“Yesterday, they tightened control over Jahar village and the Mahr gas pumping company, and nearly nine (positions) supported by heavy weaponry such as tanks, armored vehicles, and heavy machine guns of various calibers,” it added.

The ISIL also claimed to have seized two tanks, seven four-wheel drive cars and several heavy machine guns.

Media outlets have not independently confirmed the news due to security restrictions.’


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