Dutch Farmers Rise Up Against New World Order ‘War on Food’ As Supermarkets Run Out of Supplies

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Tens of thousands of farmers from across the Netherlands have gathered to protest against “liberal world order” policies designed to reduce the number of livestock in the country by one third.

Massive, rolling protests from the nation’s vital agricultural sector have plunged the Netherlands into “total paralysis“, according to local reports, which indicate the mainstream media is attempting to cover up the scale of events.

Typically, the establishment media is also twisting the truth with headlines like “Dutch farmers protest emissions targets,”  which distorts the facts and attempts to smear the farmers.

In reality, the Dutch farmers are outraged at government plans to hobble the agricultural industry at a time of massive food shortages around the world. Dutch citizens, concerned about putting food on their tables and feeding their families, are standing in solidarity with the farmers.

The far-left Netherlands government policy causing the protests involves a 25 billion euro investment in “reducing levels of nitrogen pollution,”  which it plans to achieve by “paying some Dutch livestock farmers to … exit the industry”.

This means reducing the number of pigs, chickens, and cows by thirty percent — at a time when the global food supply is being squeezed like never before.

Though the government scheme is about limiting nitrogen and ammonia emissions from urine and manure, the broader context is far more insidious when you take into context the global food crisis.

The Netherlands is the largest exporter of meat in Europe, and one of the leading producers of meat in the world, and produces a massive food surplus. Reducing Dutch output by 30 percent will devastate the global food supply.

Pictures of empty supermarket shelves have emerged on social media with the farmers blocking trucks from leaving food distribution centers.

The “pay farmers not to farm” scheme isn’t just playing out in the Netherlands. Both the UK and US have put similar schemes in place by paying farmers to reduce their own meat production. Denmark, Belgium, and Germany are also considering similar policies.

Governments are telling their citizens these schemes are being rolled out to “protect the environment” and we simply must accept higher prices and less choice to save the planet.

However, as the world battles record-breaking inflation, and the global economy teeters on the brink of recession, is paying farmers not to produce food really the answer?

It is almost like canceling new oil and gas leases while the cost of gas is skyrocketing.

For those who think the situation we find ourselves in is an accident, think again. If the Western governments of the world were trying to impoverish their own citizens, what would they be doing differently?

Also, factor in the phenomenon of food processing plants mysteriously exploding or shutting down because of other reasons.

They have created the perfect storm.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Yes. And no. Yes people don’t need cows darting all day long from their 4 stomachs, And no they don’t need farmers really.

  2. No no no – those 30% of animals eat a lot of grain and we are having mainly a grain shortage. So there will be more food not less for humans by reducing factory farming. I thought Baxter was smarter than that. Or maybe he is paid by the meat industry?

    • Correct Ans more land for vegetables and so more qualty food. They only wanted everyone eating meat because it wasted millions of square miles of land so they can screw everyone for housing by claiming there’s a land shortage.. And then they say its land sires suitable for suburbia with roads and sewage and electricity People don’t need that Most people could have an acre of land with a ramned earth house that are warm in winter and cool in summer and have room for a cow and some fruit trees and vegetables and a well and septic tank or they can use their sewage as fertiliser in their gardens. Grape vines passionfruit, fig trees poultry and decent rivers again with fresh water and fish in them not poisons from farming. All that

    • That only means there would be more grain, which is also grown by the farmers. But the govt doesn’t want them to grow food, period, so no more grain in that case. Also, it still means NO meat and many people can’t survive as vegetarians, they do need the vitamin B12 and other nutrients that meat provides. Meat also gives men testosterone so no meat, no testosterone for the men – not good at all.

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