Israel: Our Plan To Destroy Syria Is Almost Complete

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Israel say their plan to destroy Syria is almost complete

Israel has admitted that their plan to destroy Syria is “almost complete,” which will allow them to aggressively continue their illegal occupation of the Golan without any obstruction.

Israeli deputy minister for diplomacy Michael Oren breathlessly told reporters last week that “there is no Syria to negotiate with” – meaning that the occupation of Golan may now be viewed as legitimate by the international community. reports:

Capitalizing on the chaos and destruction of a six-year war to push for international recognition of occupied land? That’s not very neighborly.

According to Oren, “Without Israel there [in the Golan], the region would be jeopardized. ISIS would be on the Kinneret.”

Perhaps this is the reason why Israel has repeatedly targeted the Syrian Army and its allies fighting Islamic State in Syria, instead of bombing ISIS?

As Al Masdar News reported on Sunday, the Israeli Air Force carried out its second attack against Syrian forces this month, targeting forces stationed in the Golan:

Why the Israeli military chooses to target the only force in southern Syria that is fighting both Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIL) is often debated by all parties in this six year long conflict.

However, to the Syrian government, Israel’s actions are clear; they are providing air support to the groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies, such as Hezbollah and Harakat Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary).

The cynicism at play here is truly spectacular.

Recall that earlier this month Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that Israel needs buffer zones on Syrian territory to protect the Israeli-occupied Golan.

In other words: Israel wants the international community to recognize the occupation, and ‘protect’ it.

The plan, from the very beginning, was to chop up Syria. The Turks and Americans are now squabbling over Northern Syria, while Israel is making moves to ‘legitimize’ its occupation — and create new occupied zones.


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