Israeli minister: World may be wasting its money on Gaza

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The countries who pledged vast sums to rebuild the Gaza Strip in Cairo Sunday will have made worthless donations if the people of the Gaza Strip return to terror, Transportation Minister Israel Katz said Sunday, reports the Jerusalem Post

Katz, who is one of the ministers closest to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, issued the warning at a gathering of some 2000 Likud activists outside his Sukka on his ranch on the Moshav Kfar Ahim in the northern Negev.

“The Gazans must decide what they want to be Singapore or Darfur [which rhymes in Hebrew],” Katz said. “They can pick between economic recovery and war and destruction. If they choose terror, the world should not waste its money. If one missile will be fired, everything will go down the drain.”

He quoted one of Hamas’s founders, Mahmoud a-Zahar threaten Israel using terminology that the minister said sounded like it came from the Islamic State about turning Palestine into an Islamic Kingdom and destroying Israel. Katz said there was a much greater chance that Zahar will soon see in hell fellow Hamas founders Sheikh Ahmed Yassein and Abdel Aziz Rantisi, who were assassinated by Israel.

“The days when the Jews did nothing and were slaughtered are over,” Katz said. “If one Protective Edge was not enough, you will get two and three until Hamas terror ends. I prefer 1000 Palestinian mothers crying than letting one Jewish mother cry.”

Katz called upon the international community to learn from its failure to prevent large swaths of Iraq and Syria from falling into the Islamic State’s hands.

“The next time they offer us a deal in which we withdraw from territory in return for promises and international forces, we will send them to do their homework in Kurdistan,” he said. “We will continue to trust only God and the IDF. Jewish blood is not worthless”


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