Erdogan Tells Journalist To Shut Up When Asked About ISIS Support

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Turkish President Erdogan silences a journalist during a press conference when asked about Turkey's support of ISIS

Turkish President Recep Erdogan shut down a reporter at a press conference in Paris this week when questions about Turkey’s role in supporting ISIS were raised.

A LifeNews reporter asked the Turkish leader about Turkey’s support for the leader of the terrorist group *DAESH, to which Erdogan swiftly raised a finger to his lips, asking the journalist to shut up, before security escorted the reporter away.

Fort Russ reports:

Note that in Syria the attack on the Russian su-24 bomber was viewed as revenge for the destruction by Russia airforces of the ISIS-owned oil/fuel tankers.

As reported earlier, the Syrian Minister Omran Al-Zoubi, the son of Erdogan, received smuggled fuel from the terrorists, until the military operation of Russia affected its business.

Many experts also agree that Turkey has its own interests in Syria, and it benefits from the existence of the group DAESH.

*The Arabic acronym of ISIS, the organization is forbidden in Russia by the decision of the Supreme court.

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