Israeli ‘Spy Dolphin’ Apprehended Near Gaza Strip

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Israeli's spy dolphin captured by Hamas

Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds has claimed that Hamas captured an Israeli ‘spy dolphin’, used by the Israeli navy to monitor and attack members of Eziddin al-Qassam (an armed wing of Hamas). 

The high-tech dolphin was apparently captured off the shores of the Gaza Strip last week. reports:

The sources said that Hamas naval commandos noticed “suspicious movements” of the dolphin. When they followed the dolphin, they discovered that it was carrying a device to monitor underwater activities.

The sources claimed that Hamas “frogmen” managed to seize the dolphin and take it to the shore. They discovered that the dolphin had been equipped with a remote control monitoring device and a camera.

According to the sources, the captured device is able to fire small arrows that could kill any person or seriously injure who dives deep into the sea.

The report said that Hamas believes that Israel was planning to target or monitor the movement’s naval commandos during their training in the sea. It said that Hamas experts were continuing to check whether the captured dolphin was carrying other electronic devices.

Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip refused to comment on the newspaper report.

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