Story retracted

Fact checked
This story has been retracted.

Correction: This story originally claimed that a forensic audit had been requested in Michigan. Upon further examination, this claim cannot be verified. We have therefore retracted the story pending further information.


  1. see how thoughtfully the law set it up so all the past stolen rugged crooked elections could go unchecked Inly Trump being an outsider, suddenly in control,hasn’t “played the game ” by the corrupt rules. Regardless unless the Dominion machines contracts are cancelled ,and no money refunded to them ,and them fined millions for their criminality and sued to recover all costs incurred as a result of their crimes justice will not be seen to be done .

  2. Too bad all of the methods and methodologies of stealing and cheating in elections are now out in the open. And these Left wing Marxist POS think we are going to just let this go because of COVID or some other MSM distraction, but the pressure is just building. We all know Xiden is not the legit POTUS and so does the rest of the world. Timing is everything, but patience is running thin. AZ better turn over those Fug routers, cuz if they don’t, guns will come out in Maricopa.

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