It’s Time For US Troops To Defend Ukraine Says Billionaire Investor Bill Ackman

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Bill Ackman

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman has urged President Biden to deploy American troops to help protect Ukraine fron the Russian invasion.

Ackman, who expects American soldiers to lay down their lives in Ukraine in defense of NATO expansionism, made billions through market manipulation at the start of the covid pandemic

“Is there a point at which we say it is un-American to sit back and watch this transpire?” the investor said in a series of tweets addressed to Biden. “Do we wait for him to kill millions before we intervene?”

And he is not alone…..George Soros is another globalist billionaire who is calling for the US to get involved in the war.

Ukraine’s dictator Volodymyr Zelensky has already put out the call for foreigners to come to Ukraine and join their army fight Russia, a move that the UK “absolutely supports”

CNBC reports: Investor Bill Ackman said Monday the U.S. should consider military intervention in defense of Ukraine as Russian forces continue to advance into the country from multiple directions.

In a series of tweets to more than 400,000 followers, the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management urged President Joe Biden to start considering taking actions beyond economic sanctions if the conflict doesn’t resolve.

“I hope Russia stops this onslaught, but I don’t see how Putin saves face. We need to be prepared for what comes next which means we need to start thinking about intervening military,” Ackman said in the Twitter thread. “Isn’t it time we set a real red line?”

“We can’t sit back and allow hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and perhaps millions to die. I don’t want to live in that world and you don’t either. @POTUS, it is in your hands. You can fix the errors of the past and protect our future. With all due respect Mr. President, the time is now,” Ackman said.


  1. Rubbish. Ukraine has a very strong mitary. Germany and Europe are next door Always these mongrels trying to make America look responsible for everyone on the one hand and them kick them on the head the next.

  2. You first Billy…if it means that much to you then you pick up a rifle and you go first.

  3. all military quit and go home to your families. Take the dishonorable discharge, better than a dishonorable death in a foreign land. Who cares if this dishonorable government thinks you are dishonorable? I would call that a badge of honor.

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