Westerner Stuck in Ukraine: Don’t Believe the Propaganda, Russia Is WINNING This War

Fact checked
Westerner stuck in Ukraine says Russia is winning the war

A Westerner stuck in Kiev is going viral for claiming that Russia is winning the war and the mainstream media’s reporting is complete propaganda.

Writer Gonzalo Lira, who goes by Coach Red Pill, says that while Ukraine may be winning the Western propaganda war, Russia is winning the actual war.


Informationliberation.com reports: Here’s his latest YouTube video (it’s likely going to be censored for “hate speech”):

Lira’s arguments are backed up by reports indicating Russia has seized at least around 15 percent of the country in just four days.

This conservative chart was shared Sunday morning by BILD’s Julian Ropcke:

Other maps are far worse:

As Lira noted, Ukraine’s comedian president Volodymyr Zelensky would not be conscripting child soldiers and grandfathers on day four if the Ukrainian military was actually holding its own.

Zelensky would not be handing out AK74s to anyone who wants them (including criminals) and telling women to turn themselves into enemy combatants by throwing Molotovs at trained Russian soldiers if they were winning.

Zelensky is trying to get Ukrainian civilians killed for propaganda purposes in order to drag the US and Europe into the war.


  1. russia had over 60% of the ukraine population backing them up BEFORE the war just as kazakhstan had.WAVE THE WHITE FLAG don`t build a blood bath with free weapons on american tax payers backs.Break away rich state has the russians with a damaged supply chain just as the puppet goverment did in kazakhstan.There should have been white flags right from the start and they should have ALL wanted to rejoin the russian union-everyone would be much better off and if and when they don`t like it they can move away without any blood bath for nothing.Russia WILL retake what is thiers in the first place anyway like it or not just as the common wealth and the UK and america would do also.Our think tank war room has their head up there somewhere else

  2. All the pretense to start the next War to End all Wars? Certainly, all the players have been down this road before.

    Stay tuned.

  3. Ak 47s And its propaganda to make Ukraine look like the innocent unarmed victim The usual style of deceit. And that guy wouldn’t be trustworthy simply because he has no access to any information other than his TV.

    • Go to 2022 Ukraine military strength Global Firepower .
      There you will see how your being lied to and deceived about their army of old women armed with vodka bottles.
      And its done to deceive the world.

  4. “Honey I remember when I could get lots of men, but it’s KEEPING them, that’s the hard part” Bette Midler. Russia can take Kiev, but can they keep it?

  5. Hes naive. This deliberately intentionally created war by provocations is designed to ensure to totally saturates the world media’s every day now, just as they drowned the world in covid for the last 2 year’s with a barrage of bulshit spewed from pawns orifices, and for years to come Constant battering with propagandas 24 /7/365 for years. No Epstein stories will surface ever again.

  6. Check out his videos on bitchute. He is saying Russians are nowhere to be seen in Kiev and the regime releasing prisoners and handing out weapons is created a humanitarian catastrophe.

    Also, Russel “Texas” Bentley can give you a comprehensive rundown on what have been going on in Ukraine for the last 8 years.

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