Heart Deaths Up 26% Since Jab Roll Out, UK Gov’t Warns

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Heart deaths up 26 percent since jab rollout, UK gov't data shows.

The UK government has announced that heart deaths in the country are up by at least 26% since the jab rollout in 2020.

New official data from the British government shows that heart-related deaths are crippling the NHS and overwhelming emergency rooms across the country.

The latest figures reveal that England recorded 32,130 deaths due to heart failure during the 24-week period between March 24 2023 and September 1.

During the same period in 2020, there were 25,512 heart failure deaths.

Journalist Steve McQueen reports: If we extrapolate to 52 weeks then, at the prevailing rate, we’ll see 14,339 more deaths from heart failure in 2023 than we expected in 2020.

Deaths from heart failure over the past 24 weeks have been 26% higher than the expected level in 2020.

The source of this rather alarming statistic is the latest report from the UK government’s Department for Health Improvement and Disparities.

Another surprising statistic offered by the health department is the number of “expected” heart-related deaths.

The data shows that the government has increased the number of people it “expects” to die from heart failure.

The number of “expected” heart failure deaths in 2023 is 8% higher than in 2020.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty, the UK government’s Fauci, claimed that “delays to the prescription of statins” could be responsible for the increase.

However, this theory was thoroughly debunked by Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr. Tom Jefferson in a Substack post.

Some leading cardiologists, such as Drs. Aseem Malhotra and Peter McCullough have pointed the finger at the mRNA shots.

Others blame the tendency of the lockdowns to reduce activity levels and force us into unhealthy lifestyles.

However, a recent peer-reviewed study found traces of mRNA shots in the hearts of people who had died suddenly from cardiac arrests.

As The People’s Voice reported, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, detected mRNA shots in the heart tissue of patients who died within a month of receiving the Covid injections.

The researchers analyzed tissue samples from the autopsies of 25 people.

20 of those people were vaccinated shortly before they died.

Samples from the hearts of three patients tested positive for messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA).

All three patients with traces of mRNA shots in their hearts had died within 30 days of receiving a Pfizer vaccine.

However, more patients were found with mRNA shots in the tissue connecting to their hearts, such as bilateral axillary lymph nodes.

Bilateral axillary lymph node samples tested positive for mRNA in eight people who died within 30 days of a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

The study was published by the Nature Journal’s peer-reviewed NPJ Vaccines.

Dr. Clare Craig, a British pathologist who reviewed the research, raised the alarm about the traces of mRNA in the heart, suggesting that it likely caused people to die suddenly.

“The vaccine should not have been there,” Craig said in a statement.

“There was evidence of heart damage.

“Those three people are now dead.”

Craig blasted governments and health officials for failing to address the issue, arguing that this latest study clearly shows heart damage after receiving the shots.

“At postmortem, if there is significant narrowing of the coronary arteries then heart damage is attributed to it on the balance of probabilities,” Craig said.

“Here this is a clear-cut association, an unusual picture of myocardial injury, and a failure to call it out for what it is.”

The samples all tested negative for the COVID-19 virus itself.

Traces of mRNA shots were not detected in any of the unvaccinated people.

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