JAMA Study Confirms Whistleblower Warning Of Infant Vaccine Damage

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A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association has confirmed what a whistle blowing nurse has long been saying : routine hospital vaccine damage is happening to infants.

Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV) gave a live interview last month with David Knight of infowars.com.

The nurse turned whistleblower spoke about the callous, daily operating procedure that she witnessed in the hospital where she she worked.

She revealed that it was well known among medical professionals that vaccinating preemies and low birth weight infants “on schedule” would immediately result in adverse effects post-immunization.

A month later, on June 1, 2015, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that verified not only the risks of adverse events to low birth weight infants, but also confirmed the callous attitude of the medical community to the harm their rigid vaccine schedule inflicted.

Jeffrey Jaxen Reports:

It appears the dominos are continuing to fall in favor of common sense, informed consent and medical ethics. New research from the JAMA Pediatrics journal titled Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants now confirms essential 100 percent of Rowton’s whistleblowing statements which, just a month ago, seemed almost surreal. Drug companies, politicians and a misguided medical community are now faced with the uncomfortable position of withdrawing their PR campaigns and daily operating procedures in favor of hard data and daily evidence. Humanity has reached the point where denying reality in the face of such evidence borders on insanity and high ignorance. It appears to be clear that when a medical community, its regulations and the health of a people are driven by profits, what is revealed equates to nothing more than a slippery slope towards systemic damage and destruction.

When highly profitable agendas are in play, listening to public demand typically isn’t the strong suit of politicians. As people take back their medical freedom in state houses across the United States, an integrity-strained governmental body is testing the extreme realms of political misrepresentation. It makes no difference now if the original roots attempting to remove medical freedom and choice were laid by ignorance, corruption, financial reward or a combination of all three. Authors of forced vaccination bills and doctors quoting outdated information are laughably seen for what they are. The only control left for them are social media censorship and paid astroturfing firms. Opposition is now trying desperately to keep up with the daily mass awakening towards free medical and health choice in opposition to pharmaceutical influenced control. Senate and Congress members are now being made personally liable for their bills and votes after being served the Official Complaint of Research Fraud papers/report prepared by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Brian Hooker Ph. D. and James Moody. Lawsuits are lined up ready to commence at the first sign of vaccine-induced damage from their bills. Doctors and nurses are also still on the chopping block as their perceived insulation and useful ignorance is being removed by whistleblowers admissions and mounting scientific evidence. The Nuremberg codes wait patiently to be weirded once again on a medical community that has strayed from their ideals, code of ethics and common sense.

New JAMA Pediatrics Study


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