James Comey Should Be Under Investigation for Violations of Espionage Act – Rep John Ratcliffe

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Rep John Ratcliffe claims James Comey is under investigation for multiple violations of the espionage act

Fired FBI Director James Comey should be under investigation for violations of the espionage act, according to Congressman John Ratcliffe.

The former US Attorney of the Eastern District of Texas made the bombshell statement on Sunday Morning Futures:

Rep. Ratcliffe: as I listen to that, Jim Comey is proud and wouldn’t change a thing? Really? He’s proud that he put Peter Strzok in charge of investigating Donald Trump? The same Peter Strzok who, while he was investigating Donald Trump, promised to “f*ck” him and to “stop” him? He’s proud of his hand-picked deputy director, Andrew McCabe who lied under oath; lied to the inspector general, and has been criminally referred for that?

And we know Jim’s proud of himself, but the inspector general found him insubordinate, and many of us believe that he either is or should be under investigation for violating the espionage act; for recording his conversations with President Trump in the oval office, and then intentionally leaking classified information to start this investigation”…

Theconservativetreehouse.com reports: Note: “is, or should be”.  So there’s a possibility of “is”.

Remember, Ratcliffe is one of only a handful of people who saw, and continues to see, all of the highly classified intelligence documents (fully unredacted) currently under consideration for declassification by President Trump. 

Ratcliffe was also strongly considered for the U.S. Attorney General position. 

This is a deliberate man.

Setting an optimistic tone, Representative John Ratcliffe expresses an unusual amount of confidence in U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.


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