James Woods Blasts John Podesta For Pizzagate Scandal

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James Woods blows John Podesta Pizzagate scandal wide open

Hollywood actor James Woods has publicly condemned Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta for his involvement in the child sex scandal known as Pizzagate. 

In an astonishing Tweet, the actor suggested that Podesta should be locked up in jail for his involvement in a DC pedo ring.

In the Tweet, Woods says:

Put more walnut sauce on your #pizza and shut up, #Skippy. You’re lucky you’re not in jail yet. I stress “yet…”

Late last year, internet detectives found evidence of pedophile “code words” being used in emails from John Pedsta released by WikiLeaks.

Countless emails from Podesta to other high ranking Washington DC politicians incongruously referred to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, and ice cream – which 4chan users claimed were code language used by pedophiles.

Since then, there has been a concerted effort by the mainstream media and establishment to cover-up and censor the story by any means possible.

That’s why its refreshing to see a prominent Hollywood name give the story public exposure at a time when it is rumored that the FBI and White House are secretly conducting an investigation into the DC pedo ring.

Another tweet by Woods last year linked John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner to a “sex cabal” – asking whether there was any link to the creepy Spirit Cooking party which many of Hillary’s campaign staff attended.

“How creepy can the #Clinton #Podesta #Weiner sex cabal actually be? Is there ANY chance this #SpiritCooking stuff is real?”

James Woods was also one of the first celebrities on the case when the Pizzagate story broke, pointing out that the pedophile code words used in the Podesta emails were beyond suspicious.

“Curious #Podesta #email. Speculation that code words were used is not mine. It’s absurd that the #Clintons are part of a child sex ring…”

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