Jared Kushner Secretly Discloses $250,000 In Israel Bonds

Fact checked
Jared Kushner received $250,000 in Israeli donations

Jared Kushner has been forced to quietly admit that he owned $250,000 in Israel bonds and deliberately failed to include them on his financial disclosure in March.

The senior adviser to President Trump says the Israel bond holdings will be disclosed publicly “soon”.

Haaretz.com reports:  The president’s Jewish son-in-law sold the holdings earlier this year, according to The Journal.

Other additions to the disclosure include an art collection that he and Ivanka Trump own and his ties to the real-estate startup Cadre.

The Journal article also reported on a meeting last month between Trump and technology business leaders organized by Kushner. Among those on hand was the CEO of a small startup, OpenGov, of which Kushner’s brother Joshua is a part owner by way of the venture capital firm Thrive. Kushner held a stake in Thrive, but sold it earlier this year to his brother, The Journal reported.

Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, told The Journal that OpenGov’s presence at the meeting “seems like a textbook example of cronyism in action.”

However, Matt Lira, Trump’s special assistant for innovation policy and initiatives, told The Journal that it was his idea, not Kushner’s, to invite OpenGov to the event.


  1. Kushner isn’t real jewish like a sephardi jew, he’s a ashkenazi….i don’t understand that 0,02% of the world population is called ‘jewish’ and they hold lots of high positions in the world-theatre…why??

  2. Sick of our government bowing to the Israeli government allowing it to form our foreign policy and fight wars they want us involved in and sending them billions of our hard earned money to give their citizens free healthcare and college degrees while denying our own citizens the same. We should be putting that money to work for the American cirtizens and not the corrupt Israeli’s.. IF we are going to target other governments they should be on top of the list , they are tlhe instigators of conflicts in the middle east and if we work to take down any corrupt goleaders in that part of the world we should start there.Wipe them off of the map for what they do to the Palestines and their neighbors. Tell them we will no longer be their puppets and force regime change there.

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