Jeff Bezos Set To Become The World’s First Ever Trillionaire As Pandemic Boosts Amazon Sales

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is already the richest person in the world and now according to a survey by Comparisun he looks set to become the world’s first trillionaire by 2026

Bezos’s wealth has already increased from a staggering £125 billion on 12 April to £145 billion today – an increase that was mostly driven by an increase in Amazon sales since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mirror reports: In the survey, Comparisun analysed market capitalisation of the 25 highest valued companies on the New York Stock Exchange, and the net worth of the world’s 25 wealthiest people over the last five years.

They then calculated the average yearly percentage growth, applying that growth rate for future years to come.

The findings suggest that Bezos could be worth $1,000,000,000,000 in just six years.

That’s the equivalent of one thousand billions, or a million millions!

Bezos is the CEO of Amazon, which is one of the few companies to have benefited from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to MarketWatch, Amazon sales topped $75 billion (£61.3 billion) in the first quarter, largely driven by a surge in at-home deliveries.

However, Amazon has also pledged to spend $4 billion (£3.27 billion) on developing coronavirus testing capabilities for all its employees, improving cleaning of its facilities, and increasing wages for hourly teams.

The news of Bezos’ expected net worth has hit Twitter today, with many users discussing the huge amounts of money.

One user wrote: “Jeff Bezos makes $2,489 per second meanwhile, millions of people are currently unemployed.”


  1. The mafia say if you want to know whose guilty just follow the money Who stands to profit the most. When it’s a mob ,then look at the mob of them all in it together

  2. A trillionaire made man with tax payer money. ever as how amazon can ship for free, and why the US post office delivers for amazon? does amazon really pay the US post office for delivery? all the fat over paid contracts amazon has with the government.
    Would like to know Bezo’s trade deals for the last few months? the positions he took in his portfolios? I would.
    Insider trading? of course.

    • Yes the head of intelligence had to ” step down ,” and two senators too over it this morningBurr and 2 other Democrats I think One whose husbands the head of the stock exchange They all deny any Insider trading Just coincidence they sold millions of dollars worth of stock in hotels and travel related companies.Jyst rge coincidence being they sold the very next day after attending a coronavirus ” briefing “

  3. Jeff Bezos is not the world’s first trillionaire because the Rothschild family is worth trillions as are the Rockefellers. They hide their vast wealth from the world for if their true wealth were known the people of the world would revolt against these Satanists.

  4. That’s fine cuz it’s all gonna be confiscated by the US Treasury. See PDJT’s Exec Order of 12-21-17 on assets seized of those who are involved in corruption, human trafficking & more.

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