Jesus’ Face Appears In Columbian Mudslide, Devout Flock To Site

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Jesus' face

When most people think of mudslides, they think of destruction, death, tragedy and the repair that comes with the devastation of such an event. But, a recent mudslide in Columbia is causing vastly different feelings after what many believe to be the face of Jesus Christ appearing in the aftermath of the slide – in a mudbank slide. Many cannot deny Jesus’ face, or a human face closely resembling him, has appeared in the area.  Now, pilgrims are flocking to the site.

Express UK reports:

Landowners in the area are cashing in on the “miraculous” happening by charging people to view what they are claiming is the face of Christ in the mud.

The bizarre image emerged in the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, on Saturday.

Witness Ximena Rosero Arango told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo: “If you believe in Jesus, you will see your image.”

Catholicism is the main religion of Colombia, with an esteemed 75 per cent of the population practising it.

This is not the first time the holy figure has apparently been spotted.

Images of Jesus have also emerged on frying pans, on lamp posts, in tree trunks and even recently in a dog’s ear.

Even more popular are images of Jesus in food – crisps, banana peel, toast, pizza and marmite.

Do you think it is Jesus’ face that has appeared in the mudslide, or is it just a trick of mother nature?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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