Jewish Graves Desecrated Worldwide

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jewish grave
swastika grave
  • Recently there has been an increase in attacks on Jewish Cemeteries across the globe.
  • From France where an attack occurred on Monday, through to Poland, where “Jews for slaughter” slogans were put outside the continent’s largest Jewish burial ground.
  • All the way to New Zealand, where swastikas were painted on gravestones and damages caused.

It occurred in Duendin, New Zealand at the Jewish section of the Southern Cemetery, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Five teenagers are in custody after the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Sarre Union, France.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemns Monday’s attack on a Jewish cemetery in the country’s east,and urges the country to remain united. Speaking in Paris, Valls says the government will do everything in its power to protect French Jews.


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