Top Cancer Surgeon Blows the Whistle: ‘Ivermectin Cures Cancer’

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Top cancer surgeon reveals Ivermectin cures cancer.

Top cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy has blown the whistle on how ivermectin is one of the world’s most effective cancer cures which is being suppressed by Big Pharma.

According to Dr. Ruddy, she has seen several terminally ill late-stage cancer pateints make full recoveries after taking the wonder drug.

One patient of hers was facing imminent death, and then something unexpected happened. This man had stage four prostate cancer and tried all the conventional protocols before doctors told him that there was nothing they could do. reports: Then, he started taking ivermectin…

Within six months, the metastatic lesions began to disappear, and in less than a year, “he was out dancing for four hours” three nights per week, according to Dr. Ruddy.

A similar scenario unfolded for another man named Eddie. He was also in bad shape.

Eddie was diagnosed with two unresectable esophageal tumors that surgeons wouldn’t go near. He was a smoker, couldn’t swallow, and had lost 40 pounds in a year and a half.

“Within a couple of weeks, he sounded stronger. He could swallow. He had gained six pounds. His voice was better,” reported Dr. Ruddy.

Several weeks later, Dr. Ruddy said to Eddie, “You need to get a scan.”

Guess what happened?

“We got the scan. No tumors. Gone. Gone. The problem was that he had sold his fishing boat. That was the biggest problem. He was getting better. His tumor was gone. Now he’s got to buy another fishing boat … I was like, ‘Well, now, that’s interesting.’”

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