Jim Carrey: “Evil” Trump Is a ‘Loud Bag of Farts’

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Actor Jim Carrey declares President Trump as a loud bag of farts

Hollywood actor Jim Carey has yet again attacked President Trump, calling him an “ambrosia of evil” and likening him to a “bloviating bag of flatulence.”

During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Carrey contradicted earlier statements about not promoting hate towards the President, by going on a 30-second hate-filled rant towards POTUS.

After Colbert commented how hosting his show makes him feel less “dread” about modern life in America, Carrey responded:

“I think this is the thing that provides the balance isn’t it,” said Carrey. “It gives us a break from the obstreperous bloviating bag of flatulence that is trying to take the shinty city on the hill and turn it into a dutch oven. We don’t have to pull the covers over our head and breathe deeply the ambrosia of evil, you know? I think we can come here and have a good time.”

Breitbart.com reports: But last month, Carrey insisted that his politically charged artwork, which for years depicted Trump, his family, and conservatives being violent killed, has never been about “hating anyone.”

“What I want to tell people is, ‘It’s never been a matter of hating anyone.’ I can sit down with anybody in this country and break bread. I love people,” the Sonic the Hedgehog star said in an interview with Yahoo. “To me, I think we got tricked by politicians and by weird corporate concerns to believe that disagreement is hatred. And I will never go for that.”

The 58-year-old actor has long used distasteful analogies through his artwork to describe life under the Trump presidency. In December, he shared a drawing of Trump cleaning an excrement-filled toilet of his “scandals.” The toilet bowl features unsubstantiated allegations including “abuse of power,” “lies,” “extortion,” “bribery,” and “election meddling.

“And what’s wrong with toilets these days? Ya have to flush 15 times and no matter how hard you scrub them… the poop sticks! Out damn spot, out, I say!” the caption around the toilet reads.

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