Joe Biden Filmed Groping Little Girl During Christmas Visit to Children’s Hospital

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President Joe Biden filmed groping little girl during Christmas visit to children's hospital

President Joe Biden just can’t keep his hands to himself – even at Christmas.

The Bidens met with patients at Children’s National Hospital in Washington on Friday, carrying on a longstanding tradition during the holiday season.

The pair, sporting cloth masks, met with pediatric patients, their families and hospital staff, greeting leadership and emergency department workers. Dr. Biden read Ezra Jack Keats’ “The Snowy Day” before the Joe and Jill visited with children in the cardiac intensive care unit. reports: “Thanks for coming and listening to me read and have the president hold the book,” she said after reading, as Biden deadpanned, “It’s my job.”

While Dr. Jill was reading the book to the children Joe Biden sat silently and scanned the room salivating over the kids.

After Dr. Jill was done reading, Joe Biden set his sights on a little girl.

“To all you parents, be strong. We’ve spent a lot of time at children’s hospitals as patients too. It’s going to be okay!” Biden said.

“And you are so cute little tyke!” Biden said pointing at a little girl. “Oh ya, she’s working it! Anyway…” Biden said.

Jill Biden walked away as Joe made his way over to the child.

He just had to touch her and beelined to the little girl with a bow in her hair.

It is a longstanding tradition for first ladies to visit Children’s National Hospital at Christmas, but Joe Biden’s visit on Friday was a surprise.

It marked the first time that a sitting president had joined the fun, the White House said.


  1. Bottom line Their “Christmas” special events celebrate the burying of Christianity and the rebirth of mammonism, paganism and so together Satanism.
    People just fail to grasp reality There is no Xmas in the Bible. Jesus was not born then.
    Never was. Ever. It was ALWAYS not what it seemed.
    Saturnali for the Roman Empire included celebrating pedophilia.

  2. The resolution wasn’t sharp enough to see where his eyes went…. I mean, a handshake is a handshake – but if he’s shaking hands while looking at her hips / nether regions…. creepy is as creepy does

  3. Completely bogus FAKE title.

    In any sane and functioning society, Biden would be 10 floors under the prison. Point being, every time you print a FAKE NEWS headline, you add noise to an otherwise clear signal. Is that what you want to do?

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